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Arbrit Safety Solutions
Arbrit Safety and Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a globally accredited, ISO 9001: 2008 certified safety training and consultancy group providing health and safety training and consultancy services in India and Middle East to diverse business organizations as well as individuals worldwide. Established in 2006, our endeavor at Arbrit is to improve the quality of the working environment to meet superior health and safety standards, enhance productivity as well as augment personal and professional lives.
Our highly qualified and experienced safety training/ consulting professionals deliver high-quality instruction and hands on skills. We have designed an array of courses based on evolving workplace health, safety and environment needs, thus ensuring a safe and secure work environment. Each and every client at Arbrit benefits from our comprehensive training/ consultancy solutions combined with innovative, advanced technology.
Arbrit s services include the following areas:
Third Party Inspection & Certification
Safety ,Security and Oil field Equipment Supply
Arbrit Safety Solutions is based in Kochi, Kerala, India
Arbrit is an ISO 9001 certified agency that offers training for certification in Occupational Health and Safety Programmes.
It is a registered company of qualified safety professionals and is accredited by internationally recognized professional bodies in the Health and Safety Sector like NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHA, IIRSM and Medic First Aid.
It provides training and consultancy services on Health and Safety Management to various business organisations/ individuals across the world.
It has been contributing to the field of workplace safety through training and consultancy services since 2006 in India and abroad.
A. How we disseminate the message on Safety Work
1. Training corporates/ individuals directly at Arbrit centres
2. Safety Consultancy To Corporates
3. Collaboration with other institutes and providing training to individuals through these associated institutes
B. Customized safety training - Highlights
The trainers & experienced Consultants present fully interactive courses in easy-to-read
PowerPoint slides and accompanied by user-friendly materials designed after a comprehensive
study of the organization needs:
Evaluate/ Compare existing safe work practices, policies & procedures.
Develop new and/ or enhance existing training programme.
Train all levels of employees (upper management to line worker) or train-the trainer .
Assessment of the competency level attained.
Maintain training records.
Flexible training programme is also available as per organisational needs focusing various
During Training, we examine the five essential steps for successful management with focus on
Improvement and implementation of recommendation. The focus areas outlined are:
Checking & Corrective Actions
Management Review
Our experienced & well qualified consultant will work closely to:
Enhance productivity of industry in all aspects.
Provide Customised training to meet organisational objectives.
Chart out exclusive emergency response plan.
Identify your waste streams
Develop a list of appropriate recommendation with priorities
Develop a time frame in a detailed action plan.
C. Documentation Management
Documents form a valuable reference for gap analysis and statistics from which the current level of performance in terms of safety, health and environment can be analyzed.
It also forms a legal statutory compliance document from which commitment of the organisational management and its associates can be determined.
D. Arbrit s E-learning Programme
The right health & safety education can help you avoid making mistakes at work.
Arbrit s Health & Safety e-learning programme provides you with a solid foundation in workplace Health and Safety standards.
Arbrit s Safety & Engineering Solutions provides a comprehensive online Safety & Quality Management training course to benefit the employees of today s competitive market.
The e-learning program is flexible in its own unique way and renders its benefits in today s rapidly growing workforce.
The premier online safety training portal helps you learn Construction Safety, General Industry Safety and OSHA Outreach Trainings with International Certification from US.
The portal also has interactive online courses such as the 10/ 30 Hour Outreach, and the ISO auditor courses.
E. Arbrit Consultancy Services
Arbrit offers practical health, safety and environment sustainability
consultancy solutions to organizations
Operating on different domains be it construction, oil and gas or any other industry
Solutions tailor-made to your organization.
The services can be on a one-off basis or a retained consultancy
The services include
Workplace Monitoring and Risk Analysis
Auditing: A systematic examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable for achieving the organization's policy and objectives.
Auditing includes processes like
Documentation of organisational policies and objectives in HS & E
Verifying the competence
Observing whether the strategies have been implemented.
Different levels of employees are imparted different sets of learning skills and
ultimate competency levels for better control, communication and cooperation.
There are training packages meant for different cadres of employees such as:
and Mny Mores
NEBOSH trainings with high passing rate instructor led training : The NEBOSH International General Certificate is a highly respected and recognised qualification, which will benefit organisations operating outside the UK, and multinational companies working to international standards who are seeking to implement good health and safety management across areas of their operation. with our highly qualified and experienced trainers, well maintained training halls and training aids, we are maintaining a high passing rate from the last 16 months in NEBOSH
Osha training instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncd rombook : Osha 30 hrs outreach training program at delhi. This training in devided in 2nd major unit: 1. Construction Industries 2. General Industrie. Topics: Introductionof osha, Excavation, Scaffolding, Welding, Ppe, Pfas, Electrical safety & system, Ladders etc. TrainingFor all Environmental Safety & Health Practitionar and for those who wants to come in Safety organization. Blasting & demolition
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1st floor,Jolly Tower,PadivattomPalarivatamKochiKerala682025India
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