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In today's business world, it's knowledge that drives opportunities and advancement.
K2B International, standing for Knowledge 2 Business, is dedicated to creating content-rich communities in the form of technical training courses, conferences, summits and online portals providing platforms for gaining knowledge when it's needed most.
Delivering practical insights from seasoned practitioners, each K2B forum empowers participants to make a real difference in their organisations. For more information, visit us at k2binternational. com
K2B International is based in Singapore, Singapore,
Established in 2006, Singapore-based K2B International began with a focus on up-to-date information delivered by subject-matter experts on the latest technology, trends, successful case studies and lesson learnt by industry leaders around the world.
Today, having successfully staged more than 100 events across Asia, K2B International continues to invest heavily in building its capabilities and knowledge library. This provides an even sharper focus on productivity, efficiency, quality and value-added services for clients in the Defence & Security, Aviation and Oil & Gas industries.
Communications Electronic Warfare instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : Trainer will review the various types of antenna, receivers and emitters, along with discussion on its problems and potential solutions. Modules include techniques to locate, identify and assess the accuracy of analysis. The course will thoroughly analyse principles of communication interception, communication jamming, various jamming methods, risk of fratricide, jamming problems, just to name a few. Real life case studies and problem solving sessions will also be included in the class to provide the participants with a more interactive and engaging learning session.
Military Inventory Management instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : Militaries place heavy emphasis on the defence supply chain system because it supports strategic planning and operational readiness. However, efforts to control logistics costs over the years has shown little improvement, as some managers still preserve high level of inventory to ensure operational readiness. In todaya ™s cost conscious environment, this style of management is under tremendous pressure, as militaries are expected to increase productivity and reduce logistics costs. While inventory management is not a new concept in the military environment, managers are still grappling with issues of costs, shortage and oversupply of spare parts. These issues continue to persist in more...
Through-Life Systems Management instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : Militaries around the world are continuously working towards delivering new defence capabilities to meet current and future requirements of warfighters. However, as systems begin to mature, it is important for officers to develop a systematic approach to manage maturing capabilities to sustain operational capability at all times. In particularly, with continuing concerns on cost constraints, militaries are looking for best practices to extend the lifecycle of their key systems. Through-Life Systems Management(TLSM) approach has been adopted widely in translating warfightersa ™ requirements into more...
Unmanned Aerial System instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : This 3-day, classroom and practical instructional program has been developed to meet the needs of engineers, researchers and operators to enhance their understanding of the current Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) environment and will enable individuals or teams entering the UAS market to a hit the ground runninga ™. Delegates will gain a working knowledge of UAS system classification, payloads, sensors, communications and data links. You will study the UAS design, development and fielding process through comprehensive case studies. The esoteric aspects of mission more...
Building and Construction
Contract Risk Management Event : Organised by K2B International, this event aims to share the tender processes and procurement options available for building and construction projects, identify risks in projects and how these can be factored in construction contracts. Participants will learn most commonly encountered issues and possible effective resolution, gain new insights to various mechanisms for dispute resolutions and many other topics.
Green Construction Event 2014 instructor led training : K2B International, in collaboration with Housing Development Board, is organising a 1-day seminar on Green Construction. This seminar is tailored for the building and construction stakeholders on the importance of sustainable construction, how they can embark on green construction, be aware of the available support from the government, best practices on cutting construction waste, along with other important topics for sustainable living.
Structural Health Monitoring Event : K2B International is organising a Structural Health Monitoring event on 26 a 27 May 2014. This event aims at detecting structural damage and evaluating structural performance through SHM technologies.
General Events
Managing Social Media Negativity instructor led training : Organised by K2B International, Managing Social Media Negativity event is a 2-day event that helps you to strategise a good response plan to deal with negative feedbacks in the social space. Scheduled on 14 a 15 April 2014, this 2-day event is designed to give you actionable advice and tools to: 1. Understand the impact of Social Media on how a crisis unfolds 2. Establish your crisis plan 3. Assess and monitor a crisis as it unfolds 4. React appropriately to manage and minimise the damage from a crisis 5. Reduce future crisis risks 6. Learn from real case studies
Project Risk Identification and Management : K2B International is organising a 2-day event on Project Risk Identification and Management on 29 a 30 April 2014, at HDB Centre of Building Research, Singapore This event aims to provide a brief overview of project risk identification, identify critical stakeholders to be involved in the process, recognise risks during difference stages of project timeline, discussion on hidden risks for construction more...
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  • A asked: Good day, I am a trilingual (English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia) professional trainer/ consultant active in Singapore and Malaysia and this mail is intended as an introduction to see if your organization is considering engaging the services of an experienced trainer/ consultant to complement your corporate training & management programs. I currently have training program arrangements with SIM, SMa, SNEF, MDIS, and PRTC. I will be happy to send you my profile, and look forward to reading your response. Thank you. regards Mobile: - about K2B International
  • A asked: Dear Sir/ Madam, I'm from the Centre for Educational Development, , Singapore. We would like to explore with your organisation to conduct talk(s)/workshop(s) for our freshmen who will be enrolling into our in early August . The objectives of the proposed talk(s) would focus on critical thinking and problem-solving. Please feel free to contact me at - or - if you would like to explore further on the project. Thank you. Warmest regards, Senior Asst. Director (Faculty Development) | T: +- | F: +- | Academic Complex North | Block N. Level B | Dr | S | edu. sg | Centre for Educational Development | about
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  • A asked: Dear Sir, I am Engr. K. , a Filipino Civil/ Structural Engineer, who works for (SPG) based in Lagos, Nigeria. Just recently, one of SPGa ™s subsidiary, INTRALOG, signed an MOU Agreement with NETCO, a subsidiary of PPMC (a government company for the oil gas sector. The NETCO-INTRALOG Training Center aims to train Nigerians as drillers, divers, welders, other trade vocational courses. This is in line with the governmenta ™s thrust on the Nigerian Content. On this, we have the governmenta ™s support since our partner happens to be one of their subsidiaries. I am assigned as the GM of this training center. One of my duties responsibilities is to look for foreign partners in the training of local manpower. Our company wishes to offer an MOU Agreement with your company to train our students for your course/ s specialties. Depending on our agreement, we can bring our students to your school or we may invite you to train our students. You dona ™t have to worry about the security since the training school is located in Lagos, not in Warri nor Port Harcourt. As it is, we will not endanger our foreign visitors, as I am also a foreigner here. You may verify check our company websites: (login required) seapetrol. com (login required) intralognigeria. com. Should you want any further clarifications on our MOU proposal with your company, please feel free to send an e-mail to my addresses: com com. Thank you. Regards, Engr. K. about K2B International
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