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Working with the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography and Storytelling.
The Creativity Workshop teaches individuals in all disciplines ways to develop their unique creativity and use it in their lives and work. The Creativity Workshop achieves this through a specially designed series of techniques in creative writing, memoir, free-form drawing, collage, and storytelling. The Workshop helps its participants to: tap into their innate creativity, get over creative blocks, use memories to spark the imagination, and develop a daily practice to accomplish these goals.
Since 1993 The Creativity Workshop has brought together people from all professions, ages, and nations. What Creativity Workshop participants all have in common is an interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity, and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imaginations.
Upcoming workshops:
New York October 19 - 22
Dubai December 6 - 9
Singapore February 14 - 17
New York March 1 - 4
Istanbul March 10 - 16
Prague March 24 - 30
New York June 7 - 10
Crete June 23 - 29
Barcelona July 4 - 10
Provence July 16 - 22
Florence July 25 - 31
New York August 16 - 19
New York October 18 - 21
Creativity Workshop is based in New York, NY, USA
We started the workshop in 1993 after many years of teaching in a traditional University setting. We felt there were a lot of programs that taught techniques of creative expression, but very few that focused on the creative process itself. We decided to provide a workshop that spoke to that neglected area. From our experience as educators, thinkers, and artists we developed a unique series of exercises dedicated to inspiring and keeping alive the life of the imagination.
We teach from the point of view that people are by nature creative and that creativity, like DNA, is unique in each individual. To access and develop creativity, our workshops use exercises in: sense perception, free form writing and drawing, associative thinking, map-making, constructive daydreaming, and sensitivity to our environment.
Workshop tools are simple: pad, paper, and you Requirements are curiosity and a desire to explore the creative abilities. We also work with learning to recognize and trust your imagination's instincts, trusting your process, combating debilitating self-criticism and the fear of failure that lead to creative blocks.
Our exercises are broad paradigms that each participant can easily tailor to her/ his own goals, whether it be a particular specialty or life in general.
We believe that creativity is best served in a playful, nurturing, and non-competitive environment where freedom and focus go hand in hand. We concentrate on creative process rather than product and on the idea of creativity as a way of viewing and appreciating life.
We designed the workshop to help you: find new sources of inspiration, break through creative blocks, take pleasure in your imagination, discover images from your unconscious, give yourself the permission, time, and encouragement to do creative work, and develop a daily practice to accomplish these goals.
And, most important of all, like the imagination itself, the Creativity Workshop is fun.
Creativity Workshop in Europe
Creativity Workshop in Barcelona, Spain instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : July 5 - 12, 2012 The workshop will take place in Barcelona near Paseo de Gracia, a tree-lined street with some of the finest modernist architecture in this fascinating city, which inspired Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, and Miro. Barcelona also has a beautiful beach/ restaurant area in which to walk, sunbathe, or swim. Seaside resorts are only a 30 minute train ride away. Each day the Creativity Workshop in Barcelona more...
Creativity Workshop in Crete, Greece instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : June 26 - July 3, 2012 The workshop in Crete will take place near the harbor in the charming Old Town district of Hania, Crete's most picturesque city. We will meet 3 1/ 2 hours per day and the rest of the time is yours to explore this magical Greek town whose architecture has Venetian and Ottoman influences. There are beautiful, sandy beaches only a fifteen minute walk away. The fascinating Minoan Palace of Knossos, the mythical home of the Minotaur of more...
Creativity Workshop in Dubai : April 4 - 10, 2012 Dubai is a vibrant international city of fascinating contrasts. You will see ancient marketplaces and ultramodern malls side by side. There are pristine beaches where you can swim to your heart's content and stretches of desert, where you can ride camels or picnic under the moon. Overnight safaris let you sleep in the desert under the stars at Bedouin-style campsites. Meanwhile, back in town, you swim in the sea, linger at outdoor cafes, and go to concerts, plays, art galleries, artisan stores or shop at one of the largest malls in the world. Each day the Creativity more...
Creativity Workshop in Florence, Italy instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : July 24 - 31, 2012 Each day the Creativity Workshop in Florence will meet for 3 1/ 2 hours. We will explore ways to expand our creativity through a series of exercises including guided visualization technique, automatic drawing and writing, map making, memoir, and storytelling. Throughout the workshop, the exercises and talks by the instructors will focus on ways to: - Believe in your creativity - Stimulate your perceptive abilities - Find inspiration in the world more...
Creativity Workshop in Portugal : July 15 - 22, 2012 The Creativity Workshop in Portugal takes place in the old town of Porto, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and an inspiring place to absorb traditional Portuguese culture. Porto has an amazing variety of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Industrial era architecture. You will find yourself ambling down twisting streets dotted with cafes, artisan shops, and more...
Creativity Workshop in Prague : March 24 - 30, 2012 Prague, the city of Mozart and Kafka! The Creativity Workshop will take place within walking distance of the exquisitely preserved Old Town with its exquisite clock tower and famous Jewish synagogues and cemetery. Musical concerts and puppet theatre performances are just a few of the cultural events of this beautiful city. Prague invites you to wander it winding, cobblestone streets aimlessly. It seems that everywhere you turn you see a jewel of more...
Creativity Workshop in US
Creativity Workshop in Carmel instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : November 6 - 9, 2009 The Creativity Workshop will take place in the historic village of Carmel-by-the Sea. This jewel-like town on the Californian Central Coast is home to beautiful sandy beaches, quaint cottages, lovely restaurants, and fine art galleries. The Workshop will take place at Il Fornaio in the Pine Inn, Carmel's oldest hotel. We will meet for 3 hours and will more...
Creativity Workshop in New York instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : March 16 - 19, June 8 - 11, August 17 - 20 The Creativity Workshop in New York takes place in Manhattan at the Meta Center in the Chelsea district. Chelsea is famous for its art galleries, small boutiques and cafes. The Meta Center is located at 214 West 29th St., about 10 blocks from Penn Station, Madison Square Garden and Macy's. We will meet for 3 hours and will explore ways to expand our more...
The Creativity Workshop in New York : The Creativity Workshop in New York City will help you be more creative in your personal and professional life. To this end, the Workshop uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, and guided visualization. New York City is famous for its museums, cultural life, shopping and restaurants. It is a great place to recharge your energy and find inspiration. The Workshop meets for 3 hours a day. You will have the rest of the time to wander around the city. The more...
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