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Dem Publishing & Language Services is a publisher based in Istanbul providing Turkish language books and offering Turkish language lessons both online via Skype and in person.
For our Turkish lessons, we are using our own materials which are Turkish course books, grammar books, easy readers and vocabulary developers for all levels.
Our course structure is general Turkish lessons for all levels, grammar & conversation lessons for intermediate and advanced levels, reading classes for all levels and conversation lessons for learners who have at least completed the beginner level.
Please contact us for further information.
Ali Akpinar is based in Kadikoy, Istanbul,
Dem Publishing & Language Services, founded in 2005 by Ali Akp nar, is mainly focused on a wide range of Turkish language products and services such as textbooks, simplified books, resources, language classes and lessons both in person and online.
Turkish Language
Online Turkish classes via Skype instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directed : Online Turkish class is an interactive online course for learners who wish to obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language. All you need is Skype (a free online telephone service software) installed on your computer and access to the Internet in order to communicate with our highly qualified native teachers. The courses we are offering are general Turkish classes, Turkish grammar classes, Turkish conversation classes, Turkish reading classes, easy Turkish for tourists, Turkish writing lessons by email and Turkish exam preparation.
  • Z asked: Are you currently offering courses? about Online Turkish classes via Skype
  • L asked: Hi I am living in Uskudar and want Turkish language lessons. Where are your classes held and what are the costs for tuition and materials such as books. I want to focus first on everyday speaking and then move on so that I can read novels etc in Turkish. At the moment I only have a few words. about Ali Akpinar
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  • T asked: i am travelling to turkey in april and want to learn turkish. i speak some german and italian. english speaker. i will install skype, about Online Turkish classes via Skype
  • P asked: Interrested to know the price of the courses? Duration will there be resources made available? about Ali Akpinar
  • G asked: Dear sir, we are interested in working with you. we need some training for our staff and I will like to know the full profile of your firm in other for us to make decision. looking forward to hear from you kind regards okoroafor commercial manager about Ali Akpinar
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  • M asked: Hello Ali, I am trying to contact you for a long time, I understand that you are busy, but just like Katja Zehrfeld told me when I called her last summer, it's not Ali, he would have answered you. And I think so to, if you would have recieved my mail's you would have answered me. That's why I try it this way now :) I hope to get an answer from you, and how is you're mother doing and you're brother and the little one from your sister, he was trying to talk the last time we had contact, he must be speaking now. Lots of greetings from all of us, Liefs & Sevgiler about Ali Akpinar
  • M asked: Merhaba Ali , I am trying to contact you for a long time, We had again a lot of problems with the internet, skype and msn, I tried to connect you to my msn, nl and to my other that you know com and even nl but I never had a answer from you. I even tried to contact you by Katja, I had her one time on the phone, a very kind lady. If you like to stay in contact with me, please let me know, if not, please let me know that also. Katja gave me your phone number, but I can not reach you :) I can not phone Katja anymore at this moment and your website study-turkce I can find that anymore also. So kardesim are you still alive? and still happy with Abla ? I hope to hear from you Sevgiler & liefs, about Ali Akpinar
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