Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation

Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation is a professional casualty simulation training and consulting company that provides hands-on moulage workshops, materials and resources to military medical and civilian EMS / First Responders. Our reputation for excellence is indicated by our growing list of highly satisfied clients, both nationally and abroad.
Our courses have been carefully designed under the guidance of a military and civilian medical advisory counsel, along with military medics on staff with our company who have recently served on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result we offer the highest quality realistic injury simulation training program available in the world.
We use state of the art moulage materials and film and television quality techniques to stimulate and empower our student's creative abilities. From minor injuries to critical life threatening wounds and amputations, the attendee acquires an impressive hands-on knowledge base in techniques and resources, and is able to craft high fidelity body trauma replicas in hyper-realism for use in military warfighter training exercises and civilian mass casualty/ disaster drills.
Our specialized instruction is dedicated to meeting the training goals in the major areas of IED explosions, vehicular and aircraft crashes, WMD's, small arms fire, and disease simulations. We serve our customers in a variety of venues, such as military installations (CONUS and overseas), emergency medical service facilities, police and fire departments, medical colleges, and DoD government contractor, and human patient simulator (manikin) manufacturers.
By providing realistic injury simulation/ moulage training opportunities and consulting services we directly interface with our country's support for ongoing military and civilian medical education and combat medicine advances around the world.
Training workshops are scheduled routinely at our facility in the Washington, DC Metro area throughout the year. They can also be scheduled, by prior contract arrangement, at your location and facilities.
Casualty Simulation/ moulage makeup supplies is also our specialty. We partner with Paint and Powder Cosmetics who carry an extensive inventory of moulage makeup and special makeup effects supplies. They offer a variety of high fidelity materials, including acrylic vinyl and silicone, for any kind of casualty, injury, disaster, or trauma simulation moulage makeup needs. We can also custom order or manufacture any special makeup effects you need.
We also offer consultations in planning and coordinating injury simulation for MCI events and disaster preparedness exercises. This includes training moulage teams for realistic executions and synchronizing with the event schedules.
A partial listing of our clients include:
US Army / /Medical Simulation Training Centers
US Navy / USS Harry Truman Battle Group
United States Air Force Academy
US Marines / 1st Medical Battalion
National Naval Medical Center / Bethesda Naval Hospital
Booze Allen Hamilton
Computer Sciences Corporation
Physician s Transport Services
INOVA Health Systems
University of Louisville / Division of Protective Medicine
US Army Fort Belvoir DeWitt Hospital
Chemical and Biological Incidence Response Force / USMC
Howard University Hospital
Israeli 54th Airborne Battalion
New York City Fire Department
American Red Cross
District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department
United States Pentagon Police
Defense Training Systems
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
Community Research Associates
Virginia Hospitals Alliance Association
Medical Education Technologies, INC
Johns Hopkins University
Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation is based in Washington, DC. For more information please visit the websites at www. militarymoulage. com, or www. paintandpowderstore. com
Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation is a Veteran Owned
Company, and a subsidiary of
Esprit de Corps Group LLC
P. O. Box 223652
Chantilly, VA 20153
Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation is based in Chantilly, VA, USA
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