Kenvision Techniks Ltd

Kenvision Techniks Ltd
Kenvision Techniks is a consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are a leading provider and a key trainer of specialist Corporate Information Management, Security Management and Human Resource Information Management.
Our goal is to help professionals and organizations work more intelligently by delivering reliable information and techniques that can be used to benchmark, instigate, develop and improve fundamental business processes and procedures.
Kenvision Techniks Ltd is based in KAHAWA SUKARI, NAIROBI, KENYA,
Kenvision Techniks Ltd is a leader in Corporate Information Management, Workplace Management and Electronic Security Management.
Security Management: This is Kenvision's third area of operation. We concentrate very much on CCTV foundation and intermediate course training, CCTV installation and maintenance, Intrusion systems including alarm installation and management, control room operations, etc.
Corporate Management: Kenvision prides itself with highly qualified and experience personnel in management of corporate information assets. It essentially consults in the following areas:- Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, records Management, Email Management, taxonomies, Data centre management, Business continuity Planning, Information Policy formulation, information structuring, staff Training etc.
Workplace Management: Issues such as Health and safety and personnel enhancement programs have become critical to overall organisation output. Kenvision trains staff in the following areas:- The workplace has become a buzz word to organisations today. On average, we spend three quarters of our active life at the work environment. Our productivity is determined by how skilled we are in handling tasks at hand. It is also determined by our ability to balance work and life. To this end Kenvision designs and runs workplace management courses for organisations that are aimed at increasing workers productivity, reducing lethargy and ensuring safe and healthy work environment
Workplace Management
Performance Enhancers
Time Management
Time Management and prioritization
Work /Life Balance
Shaping Perceptions and Influencing stakeholders
Communication and influencing
Team building and participation
Employee behaviour
Managing Stress at the workplace
Workplace Regulations and attitude
Supervisory Skills
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
CCTV Installation & Management
Alarm Installation and Repair / Maintenance
Managing Change
Team Management
HR Management
Change Management:
Facing uncertainties in the workplace
Fundraising for NGO's
NGO Management
Health and safety
Risk assessment and safety statement preparation
Fire prevention, control and response
Disaster preparedness, control and response
Occupational First Aid for everyone in the organisation
Job accident reporting
Prices: We are a low-budget- High value service company. It is no wonder most organisations continue coming to us for the above services. Why not give us a call on 254 725579251 or 254 731983372 or 020 529 5138 or write to Ken_trainers(at)kenvisiontechniks(dot)com
CERTIFICATION IN DOCUMENT CONTROL instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer lab : CERTIFICATION IN DOCUMENT CONTROL PART I: INTRODUCTION TO DOCUMENT CONTROL & PART II: IMPLEMENTING EFFECTIVE DOCUMENT CONTROL VENUE: Sunstar HOTEL, NAIROBI DATE: 20TH MARCH-24TH MARCH, 2017 FEE: USD 450 EXCLUSIVE OF 16% V. A. T (Tuition + Materials + Meals) (Guarantees you TWO courses (parts) for price of one!!) HOST: KENVISION TECHNIKS LTD Web site: www. more...
Electronic Surveillance
CCTV IP Camera Installation Basic Networking Skills instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : This course sets out to provide learners with a working knowledge of IP video systems and networks. The course is both practical and theory based. The objective is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of IP networks and acquire the confidence and expertise to install an IP video system. The course is designed with install and service engineers in mind.
Mastering ArcGIS Mobile instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminar : Mastering ArcGIS Mobile ArcGIS presents a wonderful opportunity to carry out mapping of almost every human activity, be it farming, politics, fiscal activities, animal husbandry, fishing, military and policing activities etc. Mobile GIS is one direction that is going to cause a revolution in this field. This is as opposed to Desktop GIS which has mostly been relying primary data being brought back from the field for subsequent entry and processing. Kenvision Techniks is now giving GIS enthusiasts an opportunity to expand the more...
MASTERING GIS IN MOBILE AND DESKTOP PLATFORM instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareself directedworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer lab : INTRODUCTION If you are a Researcher, planner or a land/ resource manager, you can gain a basic working knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its terminology, and the spatial analysis skills needed to integrate field data with watershed-scale variables in enrolling for this GIS course. GIS is actually a spatial knowledge area that anyone dealing with determining locations and manipulating available data cannot deal without. whether you are dealing with analysis of watershades, relocating refugees, or community modeling- more...
Human Resource Management
Advanced Supervisory Skills Certificate Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussionself directedworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer lab : Advanced Supervisory Skills Certificate Course Course Goals The goal of this comprehensive Two-Week Programme is to provide managers with a range of essential supervisory skills that will help them to reduce the stress and improve the effectiveness of their role. The course covers skills that enable them to Manage Themselves, Manage Others as well as to Manage Systems with their team in a more effective manner. Course more...
ANGER MANAGEMENT : Anger is a universal experience. Dogs get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You dona ™t have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger productively is something few individuals, organizations, and societies do well. Yet research tells us that those who do manage their anger at work are much more successful than those who dona ™t. Anger is a normal feeling that we all experience. It is an instinctive response to feeling threatened. When we become angry our bodies change to meet the threat: tense muscles, pumping heart, etc. Words you may use to talk about anger include: rage, mad, wound up, furious and on your toes. Anger is often a sign that something is not right. - See more at
Executive Personal Assistant (EPA) Training instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer lab : INTRODUCTION In modern business circles, the Executive PA holds a key position of influence and a powerful partnership with the senior management team. Success in this role has a direct effect on the success of executive operations. The executive PA who understands the role and pressures of management and even thinks like the team will achieve improved performance, outstanding results and respect from superiors and the executive team. WHY TRAIN WITH US, REALLY? This highly interactive course is designed to empower ambitious individuals who are looking for ways to enhance their performance, more...
ArchiCAD Specialist Certificate Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussionself directedDVDworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Who should attend? Professionals in the construction/ engineering/ architectural sector who wants a better understanding of BIM and ArchiCAD COURSE OBJECTIVES On completion of this course, participants will be able to: a Create BIM 3D models a Generate plans, elevations, sections, a Automatically update design changes. a Create perspective views, VR, a Create high quality renders a more...
Business AdmnistrationBusiness Management Skills
Data Quality Management Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : Short course description: Data quality is a large and complex field with many dimensions. Every data quality practitioner needs a foundation of concepts, principles, and terminology that are common in quality management. Building upon that foundation, they need to understand how quality management concepts and principles are applied to data, as well as the language and terminology that specifically apply to data quality. This course aims at providing a building strong foundational knowledge of the field of data quality. At the end of the course, the participants will learn how to optimize and evaluate survey data quality. Important goals in survey design are to minimize survey errors within more...
Establishing E-government Framework instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Open Government, a key aspect of the international agenda for increasing transparency and accountability of public sector, is based on the principle that citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing and to benefit from government information. Trustworthy information is at the heart of transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, citizensa ™ rights and economic development. Trustworthy records are at the heart of trustworthy information. Protecting information integrity is increasingly difficult and increasingly important in the digital environment. Information integrity does not happen automatically. It is achieved through well-defined control frameworks.
Information Content Management instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : Knowledge is universally recognized as the most important strategic asset that an organisation has. Despite this recognition many information units are being closed or downsized and organisations are encouraging information users to acquire, control and manage their own resources that support knowledge creation and development. Controlling the acquisition of, and access to, information resources is becoming increasingly difficult as vendors bypass the information professionals and market directly to the end-user. Compounding this problem is the availability of information in a multitude of formats and the exponential growth in the number of products available. This necessitates a higher level of evaluation and control to ensure that quality information is available to those who need it.
PLANNING MONITORING EVALUATION REPORTING FOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS : The objective of this course: 1. To increase the capacity of the development sector to deliver project outcomes that are efficient and effective, and to be able to measure and evaluate these outcomes. 2. To equip development practitioners with the knowledge and expertise to be able to conduct their own planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting or to be able to guide project partners in doing so. 3. To provide a space for development practitioners to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. - See more at
PROJECT CYCLE MANAGEMENT instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : This comprehensive course provides fast-track training on project management. It is designed for practitioners in project management who have either not yet obtained basic training, or not yet on all subjects of the project cycle. This course provides training on all phases of the project cycle in a compact format: Needs assessment, designing and planning a project, monitoring the implementation of the project, and preparing an evaluation. - See more at
Receptionists Training instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminar : As a receptionist you are the public face and voice of your organisation, so the impression you give is the image that counts. Good communication skills are essential and this course looks at how to develop your professionalism and excel at your role. Effective customer care is now the main thing that decides between successful organisations and those that struggle with their image. This receptionist training course explores how the receptionist is central to customersa ™ experience. Course outline On this receptionist training course you will cover: the receptionist as the a face of the organisationa ™ communicator educator translator problem solver shock absorber  more...
Supply & Inventory management instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncd romworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer lab : The course Supply & Inventory Management will provide trainees with an ability to apply the regulations, purchasing and managerial techniques in acquisition and disbursement of equipment, materials and items in merchandise and service business environment. The course does not require any prerequisites. Inventories constitute a significant portion of most firmsa ™ assets. Hence, effective and efficient management of inventories is one of the most vital functions for successful businesses. This course will cover the following topics: - Definition of more...
TRAINING IN ADVANCED PURCHASING LOGISTICS STORES MANAGEMENT instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminartrain the trainer : Course Objectives: This FIVE day workshop is a follow-up to the Stores & Purchasing Management courses. Participants will acquire skills in Strategic Management, Stores Management and Purchasing. Target Audience: This course is suitable for people whose position entails elements of purchasing. It is ideal for a diversity of organizations more...
Translating Research into Policy and Practice instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminar : Todaya ™s researchers understand ita ™s no longer enough to do research, write up the results and present them at a conference of like-minded peers. The work has to be mobilizeda out of the ivory tower and into the hands and minds of those who will use it to shape emerging policies and practices. The speed of global change means this process of knowledge translation, transfer or exchange has to happen quickly and continuously so that research can be used before its shelf life expires. Knowledge translation and transfer are complex and abstract. It can be difficult to know if you are getting the outcome you want and even more difficult to quantify results and more...
cabling business, installation, security systems, commercialAlarm Systems Installation & Management
Burglar and Intruder Alarm Installation Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewaree-bookDVDworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Course Fee: $250 Course Length: 2 Days Courses always running at the Kenvision Techniks Workshops Number of Participants: 15 Candidates Burglar Alarm Installation Course Learn to install burglar alarm in a simple way. Whether you are an electrician or absolute beginner, it does not matter. We will start from the scratch and make you a confident burglar alarm installer. Become an alarm installer, join our popular alarm installation more...
Disatser RecoveryDisatser Recovery & Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Business Continuity Planning Vital Information Data Protection study at homegroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminartrain the trainer : One of the major challenges facing today's records managers and archivists is the problem of preserving and protecting data and information assets. While this challenge is not new, modern methods and technologies for handling data are matched by a multitude of threats, ranging from traditional, e. g. natural disasters, to technology and procedural failures and many more. In seeking to safeguard information assets, new regulations and legislation proliferate. New technologies offer great opportunities for collaboration and sharing of data and information, but can pose a danger as well. Some of these 'new' technologies may already be in use by 'early more...
Ethical HackingMobile Device Security
Mobile Platform Security Ethical Hacking coursewarebookworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Preface Mobile platform is today a ubiquitous technology harboring unlimited possibilities. A little tinkering with a mobile device creates a phantom. Today, individuals and businesses are at crossroads in as far as safety of their information is concerned. Mobile devices are the biggest attack surface in most organizations today, yet these same organizations often don't have the skills needed to assess them. Mobile devices are no longer a convenience technology: they are an essential tool carried or worn by users worldwide, often displacing conventional computers for everyday enterprise data needs. You can see this trend in corporations, hospitals, banks, schools, and retail more...
Facility & Property Security ManagementFacility & Property Management
Comprehensive Property Security Systems Installation Course group study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Introduction Comprising of Five Critical Property Protection systems, this course will leave the learner well equipped with the skills that any installer and security manager would need to prove his worth. The systems to be practically taught in this unique skills program will comprise of: I. CCTV over IP & Basic Networking Skills (USD 190) II. Card & Biometric-Based Access Control Systems (USD 150) III. GSM-Controlled more...
Facility & Property Security Management Fundamentals of CCTV SystemCCTV Surveillance Security Systems
CCTV Operator & Control Room Management Training instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : CCTV SYSTEM OPERATOR & MONITORING COURSE CCTV system operators are the link between the system technology and its effective use. An operatora ™s performance will largely determine the level of service provided by the system. The operators of public area CCTV systems are fast becoming integral players in town center management, for crime prevention, incident scene management and in investigation teams. Appropriate selection and recruitment practices teamed with targeted training, are needed to ensure that operators are proficient at their job: maximizing system effectiveness and more...
COMPREHENSIVE CCTV INSTALLATION INSTALLATION, STREAMING & MAINTENANCE group study and discussion : This training is a combination of CCTV Installation Workshop: Installation, Streaming & Maintenance and the CCTV IP Camera Installation & Basic Networking Skills Course. Come learn with the experts the technical elements about CCTV- Installation, configuration, streaming and maintenance. The Course will more...
H. E.SHandling Emergency Situations
Needs Assessments in Emergency Rehabilitation Situations instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : Whilst good information does not guarantee a good programme, poor information almost certainly guarantees a bad one. Assessments are a vital element of the programme planning process: they provide the information on which decisions will be made. The first part of our course on Project Cycle Management enables participants to learn about and test how to prepare and conduct a needs assessment. The course focuses on assessment strategies, the various tasks to be done throughout the whole process as well as techniques and tools used to improve the quality of information obtained during interviews with stakeholders. more...
Information ManagementInformation Management
Asset Information Management Training instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminar : Accurate Asset Information Management means that any organization can be able to consistently find all the information they need and they trust that it is accurate enough to use in their decision making without having to make any adjustments or crosscheck. Proper Asset Information management means that the organizations information and information systems satisfy all the following criteria: Complete: All information for every asset and for every reasonable investor question. Accurate: With respect to the real, existing situation more...
Digital Libraries in Virtual Learning Environment instructor led traininggroup study and discussionbookworkshop / seminar : From Librarian to Cybrarian Mobilization Workshop Yesterdaya ™s uncertain prediction on libraries of the future is todaya ™s immutable truth. That, todaya ™s Libraries are a wall-lessa is indisputable. i. e. all resources of libraries are on digital form accessible through networking communication to remote areas. Present librarians require skills on handling and managing digital resources and creating institutional databases as well as maintaining all e-resources in helpful way to satisfy the user and more...
Electronic Records Management Course instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussioncoursewareself directedDVDworkshop / seminartrain the trainercomputer labCase Study : This is a Records Management course that is conducted by Kenvision Techniks Ltd, a training consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya. The training is focused on the fundamental principles of records management. The trainees are introduced to Information Lifecycle concept from the point of view of electronic records. The three main stages of ILM (Active - more...
Mechanical EngineeringEngineering
Basic Auto Electrics Electronics and Diagnostics Skills : This course consists of three units namely: UNIT 1 : Introduction to Basic Electronics. UNIT 2 : Scan tool Diagnostics. UNIT 3 : Engine Component Diagnostics. Each of the units costs 15k ( USD 150 ) and takes 1 week to complete. The full course takes 3 weeks and costs USD 450. It is advisable to take up all the more...
BASIC NETWORKING SKILLS- WIRED AND WIRELESS : This workshop is a Four-Day information a packed hands-on networking basics, taught by an experienced technical trainer, using a live in- classroom network. What you will learn a Youa ™ll learn about cabling, network protocols (including a close- up look at TCP/ IP), Network devices like hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, repeaters, gateways and more a Youa ™ll actually administer a windows server 2012 server. a Wea ™ll show you how to set up peer-to-peer networking using a Home group and server-based networking and youa ™ll learn how more...
INSTALLATION OF ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM : COURSE DETAILS Learn How to plan, design, install, configure commission and manage Access Control Systems in various environments including but not limited to: Private/ Exclusive properties, college offices and classes, club houses, hospitals county offices, hotel suites, parking zones, shopping center drive a ins, etc. How you will benefit. i. Understand the fundamental elements that make up an Access Control Systems. ii. Fit the principal components of a stand a alone systems and networked systems. iii. Connect and more...
INTRUDERBURGLAR ALARM TRAINING : COURSE DETAILS This practical intruder alarm Training Course is set out to enable you learn the skills of alarm Installation. The course will give you as many skills as possible. The course has been specifically designed for people with little or no experience who are looking to gain practical experience of installing intruder alarm systems. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to provide a dedicated service, electricians looking to expand on their current service provision or simply individuals who want to learn how to install their own security system. The aim of the a hands a ona more...
MOBILE PHONE AND TABLET REPAIR COURSE : This mobile repair course is a comprehensive program that will enable all students to learn and build their technical skills in order to succeed in the electronic repair industry. The curriculum is comprised of all skill levels of repair methods starting from the basics of how to advanced soldering repair techniques. Our hands on training approach methodically breaks down each repair procedures so that students obtain a thorough understanding of how to successfully execute each technique. By completion of the course, our students will have obtained the necessary technical skills and understanding to have mastered all repair methods and techniques.
Penetration TestingCumputer Security: Ethical Hacking
Advanced Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures Training Program instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewarecd romworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : This is one training that is engineered to take the trainee through an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. The lab intensive environment gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems. Students will begin by understanding how perimeter defenses work and then be lead into scanning and attacking their own networks, no real network is harmed. Students then learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Students will also learn about Intrusion Detectionmore...
ETHICAL HACKING COUNTERMEASURES TRAINING BEGINNERS CLASS group study and discussionworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : Learning something new can be very difficult. There is no area that can sound more alien to a learner than Cyber hacking. This is because; unlike programming or any other thing you have to work really hard to get to know something. Cyber hacking has always been dominated by groups of people who operate as closed communities, as such, their techniques and manner of operation are not friendly to people from "outside". Course Description Many a First Timersa complain about the approach adopted by the insiders to train those outside more...
ETHICAL HACKING COUNTERMEASURES TRAINING INTERMEDIATE CLASS group study and discussionworkshop / seminarcomputer lab : The class starts from the very basic, and builds up to the level where attendees can not only use the tools and techniques to hack various components involved in infrastructure and web hacking, but also walk away with a solid understanding of the concepts on which these tools are based. The course brings together both infrastructure hacking and web hacking. Its intention is to address the world market need for a hands-on, practical real-hack lab experience. It is focused on the skills needed for Penetration Test. The tools in use here are what should essentially be in a Pen more...
Web App Ethical Hacking Training Course : This training course is a series of educational interactive training sessions where the attendees will gain hands on experience. They will be able to identify security flaws in web applications customized or built for the training course. They will also be able to exploit those security flaws to fully understand the value of fixing those flaws.
  • A asked: Hello, I am looking to take part for your training , I am working with some of NGOs in Mogadishu, somalia. Could you please give some extra details about the time ,cost, venue of this training? Many thanks, about ArchiCAD Specialist Certificate Course
  • Z asked: please could you provide me with course costs and information of any forthcoming course dates in the next months , or are the courses running on a regular basis . about
  • S asked: When will this be avilable in Florid... about
  • A asked: all the information including terms of payment, classes begin which month, duration of the whole course. about
  • D asked: I am interested in taking this cctv course' i would want to know how much it would cost and at which place the course is offered. Is the certificate internationaly recognised, what are the requirements about
  • A asked: Please sent me an invitation letter to attend the course for approval by our Managing Director so that i can fill the booking form. Sent to:- P O BOX NAROK about Electronic Records Management Course
  • A asked: Are you offering training on Fire safety audit and risk assessment? which university in certify the same? about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • A asked: . When are you likely to carry out this seminar this year ? . Where will be the venue for the said seminar? . What is the cost for three day seminar? about
  • V asked: I remember receiving the call from your firm regarding this training. Kindly send all the necessary information so that I can arrange to attend this useful training. Regards SELF Project Ministry of Finance P. O.Box Dar Es Salaam. E-mail : or. tz com about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • M asked: Please tell me more about this course i. e the requirements, fees and duration. Also when the next course is commencing. about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • S asked: Please provide me with information on training courses in January and February . I am particularly interested in the ares of management-management change, store-keeping and procurement about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • W asked: Please me i know the day you will have seminar concerning criminology or inteligence. about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • N asked: hii guys i would like to know if you train people in cctv operations if yes tell me, how much does it costs and how long about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • C asked: I am interested in applying for a certificate or diploma course in Security / Security Management if it is offered by your esteemed institution. I would also like to study counter terrorism strategies and CCTV employment and state of the art equipment. Thankfully about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • H asked: Hi We are an IT security consulting company and would like to form a partnership with your company. We can provide online security trainings or hold workshops. Looking forward to your response about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • W asked: provides a wide range of products both at corporate levels and individual levels and student covers according to clients needs I would like thefore to introduce our products probably to your organisation and to staff members Kindly advise on a more appropriate day probably next week Confirm if thats in line as per your scedules Regards Wesley about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • W asked: do you provide training for indivuals in cctv? what are your charges? where are you located? and are you accredited by directorate of industrial training in kenya? about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • M asked: Hello I like to know if this is a certificate course ? about Electronic Records Management Course
  • H asked: Dear sir or madam, Have a nice day ! This is from HSDTechnology CO.,LTD( website: (login required) cnhsd. cn ) ,Nice to meet you! We provide -stop-source solution including sound advice, optimum stock management and reliable deliveries. Our companya ™s Products Category: IR Waterproof Camera, IR Dome Camera, Box Camera, UFO Dome Camera, Smoke Detector Camera, Vandalproof Camera , Mini Camera and DVR products. It is my pleasure to take charge of the business with your company and sincerely hope that it will be an enjoyable beginning of long-term business cooperation between your esteemed company and HSD Following is the related information for your reference. We welcome any funtionized-design from our customers, also welcome OEM orders . Your techniqual direction or suggestion is the best gift to us! Our lead-time is usually - days!! We promise you satisfying products in shortest time! Many thanks for your kind attention ! Your early reply will be greatly appreciated! Please check the attachment! Best regards! --------------------------------------------- Mob: +- MSN: com Tel: +-- Fax: +-- Email: cn Website: (login required) cnhsd. cn about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • B asked: please send us a catalogue on CCTV clocking in system and alarm installation about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • M asked: I would like to attend a workshop/ seminar in a related field to my job as, working in a department of examination, certification administration, before April. Thnx about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • M asked: I would like to attend a workshop/ seminar in a related field to my job as, working in a department of examination, certification administration, before April. Thnx about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
  • M asked: When, Where, how much... about Electronic Records Management Course
  • M asked: When and at what location? cost per person? about
  • D asked: Am the coporate training officer for geothewrmal which is a parastatal wholely ownned by the government. We are tasked to explore and elop the great geothermal power capacity available in this country. With that brief history i would like to request you to advise us on the appropriate coporate training courses about Kenvision Techniks Ltd
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