Fitness Industry Education Limited

Fitness Industry Education Limited
Personal Training Courses, Fitness Courses and Gym Instructor Courses through Fitness Industry Education give you a Central YMCA Qualification. All gym courses are nationally recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals and the National Register of Personal Trainers. Some Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Courses are also awarded by Active IQ.
Fitness Industry Education Limited is based in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The inception of the modular based training courses provided by Fitness Industry Education occurred in Australia by the Institute For Fitness Professionals in the 1980's. The courses were based on the then current industry standard for certification of an Australian Fitness Leader as set out by the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council.

The Institute gained government recognition for its work with long term unemployed through training individuals with an interest in fitness and seeing them through to sustained employment in their chosen field.

Over time, courses were developed and updated continuously to ensure students received the most up to date education pertaining to both knowledge and industry requirements. A main focus of the directors has always been the use of modern technology to enhance student's learning experience.

In 1998, The Institute For Fitness Professionals set up a branch in the United Kingdom, EdFit Ltd. All modules were mapped against the UK standards for professional certification, the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) standards, and were modified to suit. Centre Approval by the Government Awarding Body, Central YMCA Qualifications, was granted in late 1998 and courses commenced.
Through constant development and to keep in line with the company's Mission Statement, EdFit evolved into Fitness Industry Education (FIE). FIE was the first training provider to offer fitness based qualification wholly online and has been a leader in utilising new technology to enhance learning and course delivery. Through constant development, the current FIE web site uses some of the latest web technologies to track learners through their course and provide them with a range of support mechanisms to ensure their success.
Over the last 10 years, FIE has continued to develop its range of courses, now offering courses awarded by Active IQ and the Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPS). FIE has also branched out into other countries including Australia, India and the United States.
Our aim is to provide fitness enthusiasts with the opportunity to obtain the highest quality industry qualifications, utilising the most accessible medium available - the Internet.


Fitness Instructor Certificate on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directed : This fitness course is great fora people who want a career in the fitness industry as a gym instructor. NB: This course does not allow you to do Personal Training.
GP and Exercise Referral Course : This GP & exercise referral course is great for... people who are already qualified as a personal trainer and want to further develop their skills and run their own exercise referral scheme. With this GP & exercise referral course I can... set up my own exercise referral scheme and partner with any of the large health club chains in order to deliver the program. During the GP & exercise referral course Ia ™ll learn about... the relationship between exercise and health, how to maintain behavioural changes, aetiology and pathology of common medical conditions as well as how to develop and maintain an exercise referral scheme. Ia ™ll study this GP & exercise referral more...
Group Exercise To Music Instructor Certificate on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directed : This Exercise To Music Course is great for... people who want a career in the fitness industry as an aerobics/ group exercise to music instructor. Upon completion you will receive a Central YMCA Qualifications and/ or and Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Exercise To Music. This is the minimum qualification you need to teach Group Exercise To Music (Aerobics) classes.
Level 3 Pilates Course London : This pilates course is great for... people who have either a level 2 exercise to music, level 2 fitness instructing gym or level 3 personal training qualification and want to also teach mat pilates. With this mat pilates course I can... gain employment in any of the major health club chains and independent fitness centres in the UK, or be a freelance instructor teaching mat pilates. During the level 3 mat pilates course Ia ™ll learn about... designing mat pilates classes, advanced systems of the body and many of the pilates exercises and their variations. I'll study this pilates course... online and during two weekends of face-to-face training. I may work at my own pace through more...
Personal Training Certificate instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homegroup study and discussionself directede-bookworkshop / seminar : This personal trainer course is great fora people who want a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Upon competition you will be awarded the nationally recognised certificate from Active IQ and have the option to also be awarded a certificate from Central YMCA Qualifications. We run a range of different study options which include distance learning, saturdays and intensive (Monday to Friday). Contact us for more information on our course programmes on 0845 257 8570 or visit www. fitnessindustryeducation. com
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