Illumine Training

Illumine Training provides management and personal skills development, focused on developing better brains for better business.
The unique portfolio of high quality, high impact training, builds skills in five inter-related areas:
Learn, Absorb & Understand - Learn more efficiently, take better notes, think and plan effectively and be well informed.
Write, Speak & Influence - Make a positive impression, be remembered, build relationships and influence effectively - in every interaction.
Creative Thinking & Innovation - Generate new perspectives and ideas, solve real problems and enhance decision making and team working.
Meetings, Facilitation & Coaching - Enhance group participation, share knowledge and run productive meetings that make good use of everyone s skills and experience.
Engagement & Personal Balance - Enhance engagement and motivation, reduce stress levels and improve performance.
The range of courses and workshops has been developed to contribute significantly to organisations management and personal development agendas - with a strong focus on high levels of skills transfer and a wide variety of flexible delivery options.
Illumine Training is based in Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
A premier UK training organisation, providing training to enhance practical thinking skills to improve the performance of individuals and organisations.
The range of courses and workshops help to:
Assimilate - Essential techniques to select, absorb remember and use relevant information.
Innovate - Practical skills to generate fresh thinking, new ideas and critical insights.
Communicate - Clear, persuasive, written and spoken communication skills.
Facilitate - Draw maximum engagement and performance from individuals and groups.
Motivate - Engage yourself and others to work at peak performance levels.
These are delivered through:
Public Workshops - 1 and 2 day workshops delivering real and lasting benefits throughout the UK.
In-house Courses - Specifically for a team or group from across the organisation. Options for tailoring are available.
FIT Sessions - In-house bite-size (90 minute) learning sessions designed by Illumine to maximise learning in the minimum time possible.
E-Learning - E-learning or online learning is ideal if the subject you're interested in isn't available nearby, or you need to learn a new skill in a very short time. Our online courses (SCORM compliant), have been developed to give you a broad introduction to the subject. We often bundle our e-learning online courses with face-to-face training to create a blended solution.
Other Options - Webinars, Facilitation, Coaching, Away-days and Speakers.
Dealing with the Media : Is it possible to effectively deal with the media? Yes it is. It is all about developing good working relationships and on this media training course we explore how you can establish a positive exchange with journalists so you both get what you want. We look at how you and your team can all be coherent and consistent with your messages and how all members of your team can really make a difference to reach your audiences. So a Dealing With the Media Workshopa ™ can help you: Structure ideas simply and persuasively. Bring your messages to life. Help you connect to your audiences. Work effectively more...
Practical Thinking for Project Success : A toolbox of thinking techniques to enhance project management. For a project to succeed it is essential to have clarity on your outcome, have a deep understanding of the processes involved in achieving it, and have techniques that enable you to anticipate future challenges and prepare for them. This course will generate awareness of current thinking styles, and provide fresh insights and new ideas for planning projects and for successful project management.
Structured and Critical Thinking : A practical toolkit for effective thinking The structured and critical thinking course provides a tool kit for tackling challenging situations systematically, thinking them through and swiftly considering all options. The structured and critical thinking techniques will provide fresh insights and a better understanding of problems or challenges, making you better equipped to deal with them more effectively.
The Balancing Act : Managing work-life balance is one of today's major challenges. The individual who has a rounded and fulfilling life is generally someone who communicates well and performs more creatively. Being out of balance can affect business performance and creativity. This session takes participants through a process to re-evaluate their lives and develop strategies that enable them to focus on what matters most at work and at home.
Management & Leadership Essentials
Building High Performance Teams : Foster collaboration, build cohesive teams and resolve conflict effectively and for the benefit of all team members. High performing teams don't just 'happen'. Developing teams of people who work well together, and which harness the differing strengths and attributes of all team members, needs team leaders and managers who understand the process involved and are prepared to put effort into the things that make a real difference. Every team is different, but the factors that determine a team's success - or otherwise - are well understood and can be developed so that it isn't something that is left to chance.
Effective Change Management : Apply skills that enable you to initiate, execute and manage change effectively. If you need to take charge of change, you need the skills that will enable you to do so successfully. You will need to understand how to set up change programmes effectively that take into account the potential for unease and resistance by those affected. You will need to learn strategies and techniques that will maximise your chances of successfully implementing change, and on this course you will also learn skills that will enable you to manage the change process effectively.
Essential Management Skills : Develop the essential skills needed to become a successful manager - ideal for those preparing for, or new to, management. Two day programme where the content can be tailored to specific requirements. If you are new to, moving into, or recently promoted to a management role you'll know that there are a range of skills and behaviours required for you to be an effective manager. Whether you are managing a team or a process, this practical development programme will give you a grounding in the essential skills and behaviours required to be able to communicate, motivate, build trust and lead with confidence and authority. Learn the essential skills that will enable you to be an effective more...
From Competent Manager to Effective Leader : For good managers who want to become effective leaders. Develop leadership skills by enhancing your communication style and understand how to harness the energy, enthusiasm and motivation of the people around you. There are many differences between management and leadership. Being a competent, or even a good, manager is an important development stage. Taking the step up to become an effective leader requires additional skills and attitudes. On this course you will learn how the way you interact with other people affects them, and how you can dramatically enhance your effectiveness by communicating effectively and inspiring those around you.
Negotiation Skills : Develop the skills required to negotiate, persuade and influence To reach an agreement that's acceptable to both parties you'll need to negotiate effectively and have a number of key strategies and tactics at your disposal. This is a practical course. It's packed with exercises and practice to help you to build the necessary skills you'll need to be able to enter real-life negotiations with confidence and understanding. The course will focus on: Giving you a good understanding of the negotiation process. Building your skills to enable you to negotiate from a position of strength. Giving you the confidence to respond to the changing circumstances of the negotiation itself and the people more...
Passionate Leadership : Leading WITH passion and FOR passion Extensive, ground-breaking research has revealed a straight forward approach to creating positive, productive and passionate teams. This programme, based on the PassionWorks!a model and diagnostic, focuses on how to create and sustain passion at work. Leaders are able to understand the dynamics of passion at work and they learn how to manage the conditions which give rise to it.
Accelerated Learning for Trainers instructor led training : Accelerated Learning for Trainers Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your training delivery Benefits This engaging, action-packed programme has helped hundreds of trainers to transform their organisationsa ™ culture of technical training delivery. They are now more imaginative and confident, and their courses have demonstrably more impact and effect. www. illumine. co. uk/ acce
Effective Speed Reading instructor led training : Speed Reading will give you the skills to increase reading speed without reducing comprehension or retention. This workshop has been designed exclusively for Illumine by the author of The Extraordinary Reader. It helps you to quickly power your way through books, briefings, reports, emails essential to be effective in business today. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ read
Mind Mapping E-learning Course : An Online introduction to Mind Mapping for anyone who wants to learn how to benefit from Mind Maps ® in their own time and from one of the world's leading authorities on the technique. Mind Mapping is the note-taking and note-making system that uses images, colour, words and numbers arranged in a connected, radiant and hierarchical structure. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ mmel
Mind Mapping Speed Reading and Memory Workshop - 1 day instructor led training : This 1 day course is an intensive compact course that provides strategies and skills to master information through Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory techniques. Suitable for: All levels of personnel in an organisation to help master information. Anyone looking for a management development programme that offers practical skills to manage the activities that take up time. Individuals taking professional qualifications and studies. For more information go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ aims
Mind Mapping Speed Reading and Memory Workshop - 2 Days instructor led training : This 2 day course is the most comprehensive course available that provides strategies and skills to master information through Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory techniques. You can develop the skills to manage large amounts of information and avoid overload, by combining Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading techniques. For more information go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ aims
Mind Mapping Workshop instructor led training : We take Tony Buzan's well known technique for effective thinking and learning, and show you how to apply it and benefit from it in your business environment. You will learn how to think more creatively and incisively, plan more effectively, improve your memory and raise your effectiveness at work and to ever higher levels. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ bmap
Speed Reading - E-learning Course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at home : Illumine's Speed Reading E-learning course has now been launched. It is 90 minutes of training with added Speed Reading tests and unlimited use for 30 days. Based on the face to face training courses that have been highly effective since 1996, and on the book, 'The Extraordinary Reader', by Clive Lewis and Anthony Landale. The single most common reaction from attendees on our speed reading courses is: "I wish I'd done this years ago - it would have made studying/ learning/ work so much easier".
Building Better Relationships for Sales Negotiation instructor led training : Whether selling products or services to valued customers, or wanting to communicate more effectively with other departments, trust based relationships are the key to long term success. Smarter 'Selling' is the workshop to build sustainable business relationships and help develop individuals, teams and groups that: -Sell products and want to understand customers' personal needs, build rapport and sell immediately. -Sell services and want to develop a lasting relationship with your clients. -Sell ideas and influence people within their organisation and who would like to understand better the people and their work. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ sell
Effective Communication with NLP instructor led training : Effective Communication With NLP Excellent communication need not be the privilege of the few Communication is one of the most important and impressive skills in business life. Good communication skills can be the difference between achieving your potential and not. This programme incorporates tools and ideas used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and explores ways of communicating that make a real difference. For more information go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ comm
Grammar on the Rocks - Brush Up on Grammar Skills instructor led training : This intensive half day refresher course focusing on what you must know about grammar. You do not need to know everything, but you do need to know which grammatical rocks may sink you. Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Pronoun, Apostrophe, Plural, Subject-Verb Agreement, Verbal Gerbil, Colon, Semicolon, Punctuation of Lists, more...
Powerful Presentations instructor led training : Professional Presentations Know Your Audience, Prepare Effectively, Deliver with IMPACT It's not just the senior executives that make professional presentations. As a business professional you will be presenting every day through a multitude of formal and informal business conversations (meetings, sales calls, launches, training, one-to-one and many more). The purpose of this course is to develop your skills as a confident and powerful presenter, able to develop and sustain more...
Think On Your Feet - Verbal Communication Skills instructor led training : This course will help you to communicate your ideas and knowledge clearly, concisely and persuasively when you are in the many informal, unplanned discussions, meetings, briefings AND the formal planned ones. The ability to a think on your feeta ™ is one that can be learnt and developed. This is the globally acclaimed 2 day workshop that will help you master it. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ toyf
Writing Dynamics - Written Communication Skills instructor led training : This course will radically transform your business writing skills and plan, draft and edit technical and non-technical documents (including reports, emails, letters, manuals and guides, proposals and many more) more efficiently. You will write with authority and impact - and do it faster! For more information please go to www. illumine. co. uk/ wdyn
Facilitation Skills instructor led training : Facilitation Skills Become a more successful facilitator and trainer Whatever your training experience, it is always worth considering alternative approaches to engage and enrapture your audience. Developing your facilitation skills as a trainer can really help. This facilitation skills programme is run by experienced facilitators who will share the secrets of their success, describing in detail what to do to achieve effective results every time. Handling and effectively facilitating diverse and sometimes difficult groups can be challenging and taxing. Thata ™s why having a range of facilitation skills techniques and exercises will increase your confidence and the impact of the sessions you facilitate.
HIgh Performance Coaching : Increase productivity, improve motivation and enhance results by developing a consistent and effective approach to coaching In today's ever-changing business environment, coaching is probably the most effective method available to managers and team members to develop skills and thereby increase performance. Many organisations now support a coaching culture; however it is only the most dedicated of managers who implement this effectively as part of their management style. Coaching is the technique that enables us to get the best out of other people. It can provide empowerment and support in a wide variety of ways.
RapidConsensus - facilitating major meetings and decisions instructor led training : This workshop teaches the simple but powerful process of rapidly mining the collective knowledge of a group, reaching consensus on the best way forward and ensuring ownership and effective action. If you need training for fast facilitation of groups conducted in a structured way, you will find the Rapid Consensus approach to be highly effective. For more information go to www. illumine. co. uk/ rapc
Creativity for Logical Thinkers instructor led training : The workshop provides a unique introduction to how the creative process works. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to bring along real life situations which are tackled by a broad range of practical creative techniques which can be used in the workplace. Creativity for Logical Thinkers will maximise the return on your training investment, by combining creative thinking skills training with the opportunity for team building. -Enhance problem solving skills. -Augment strong logical and analytical thinking with techniques to improve creative thinking. -Individual coaching by the course facilitator on how to use techniques in the more...
Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking for Creativity instructor led training : Lateral Thinking Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking programme delivers the classic out of the box thinking which most organisations expect from their management these days. Lateral Thinking seeks a solution to a stubborn problem through unorthodox methods that would normally be ignored by logical thinking. This programme is more process-orientated than the other creativity programmes we offer. Edward de Bono divides thinking into two methods: Vertical thinking - using logical thought processes Lateral thinking - disrupting logical thought and arriving at the solution from another angle
Six Thinking Hats for Meetings instructor led training : Group decision making and idea evaluation can lead to conflict and poor judgement if not managed well. If this sounds familiar, then a creativity and problem solving programme geared towards more effective group dynamics is what you need. The Six Thinking Hats ® programme uses techniques from Edward de Bonoa ™s landmark book 'Six Thinking Hats'. The programme teaches a surprisingly simple and proven technique that provides everyone with a format for harnessing enthusiasm, creativity, fact-finding and assessment. more...
Emotional Intelligence instructor led training : The ability to harness and manage emotions has been identified as a key leadership skill. How people manage anger, stress or fear has an immediate impact on performance. Learning how to motivate yourself, manage stress and inspire those around you is crucial to personal success. This session gives participants simple and practical models to become emotionally intelligent. For more information please go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ emot
Employee Engagement instructor led training : Passionate Leadership Leading WITH passion and FOR passion Extensive, ground-breaking research has revealed a straight forward approach to creating positive, productive and passionate teams. This programme, based on the PassionWorks model and diagnostic, focuses on how to create and sustain passion at work. Leaders are able to understand the dynamics of passion at work and they learn how to manage the conditions which give rise to it. For more informaiton please go to www. illumine. co. uk/ pasw
Energy and Well Being instructor led training : With fewer people doing more work, each person needs to have the energy for the long journey of continuous change. Simple changes in nutrition and daily exercise can give you the stamina to stay the course. This session gives participants practical tips to enhance their health and well-being. Enabling people to take responsibility for their physical energy reduces sickness absence and enhances creativity and productivity. For more information please go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ ener
Rapid Team Building instructor led training : The Rapid Team Building programme is an effective route for an organisation to offer learning and team building to enhance productivity, creativity, reduce-conflict and develop team working skills. They are structured to bring out an individuala ™s potential as well as that of the team as a whole. A focused half day team building programme for groups and teams in your organisation. For more information please go to www. illumine. co. uk/ rapt
Stress Management instructor led training : Stress management and maximising staff or employee engagement are vitally important for the long term success of any organisation. Stress is a natural part of our working lives and is only a problem when we become unable to cope. Most of us welcome the opportunity to be challenged in our work, to be engaged in what we are doing - to be motivated and fulfilled. However it is easy to cross the line - to go from positive challenge to unacceptable stress. For more information go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ stre
The Power of Positive Thinking instructor led training : Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a 'can do' attitude within an individual, a team and an organisation. The session allows the group to consider the business consequences of negative thinking and learn the methodology to develop positive practices that can be achieved in the flick of a mental switch. For more information please go to: www. illumine. co. uk/ post
Time Management instructor led training : This interactive course provides delegates with practical strategies, tools and techniques to help manage their time pro-actively at work and at home. The programme helps delegates understand how they currently manage their time and then assists in the development of new habits to increase and maintain their efficiency throughout the day. The course incorporates accelerated learning techniques and is run in an informal style involving individual and group activities. The emphasis is on practical strategies to use both personally and professionally.
Value Adding Appraisals instructor led training : Value Adding Appraisals Making Appraisals Work For You Is your team's experience of appraisals a box-ticking exercise and waste of time? Is your view, as the person hosting the appraisal, that you need to get it done as quickly as possible, file it and tell HR you're up to date? Appraisals are a great opportunity to: Give (and receive) constructive feedback Reflect on what went well... ... and what could be better Motivate your team members Set objectives Plan future development As you are required to do appraisals, why not make the most of them? This workshop provides all of more...
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