Milty's Training Academy

We offer Power tool and Woodwork Training in all disciplines of Woodwork, both Full and Part-time courses.
We are also registered with the EDTP and Fieta Seta as accredited assessors and aligned with NQF levels 2 and 3.
Courses Offered Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Two diverent Woodturning courses, Finishing Carpentry, Kitchen and BIC, Routerlathe, Customized woodworking courses and Children Courses.
Milty's Training Academy is based in Technikon, Rodepoort, Gauteng,
We are a privately owned training company and we offer training from Tuesday to Sunday's.
We also offer training on Fischer fixings to the end User
We offer training in all the disciplines of Woodworking, from Foundation course to Advanced, kitchen and BIC Courses.
We are also accredited assessors for NQF levels 2 and 3
We offer recognized Certificates for training done on all our courses at our Academy as well as RPL( recognition of prior learning) trade tests.
We are also open on week ends for the person that is working during the week.
New to our curriculum is Children's Courses, Please feel free to contact us for more info.
Router lathe Full day Course instructor led trainingworkshop / seminar : We set your machine up and final check the settings as well as tightening of all bolts and nuts, we service the unit and set the router up to cut in the centre of the spindle legs. We turn 3 Sugar Barley legs 1 we round and do a taper leg with a barley, 2 we do a left and right hand barley, 3 we do through barley. Duration 2 classes of 4 hours each.
Advanced woodworking
Advanced Woodworking instructor led trainingtrain the trainer : Student supplies timber for the project. Project can differ as long as the curriculum of the course is followed. The student does a lot more here and will be working harder doing dovetails of all kinds through, half blind, lock, sliding dovetails. Student will do fine polishing and unit will be coated in Danish oil. Duration 20 classes of 4 hours each
Finishing Carpentry : Finishing Carpentry is the art of making a house a home. In this course we teach the student the different types of doors available on the market as well as the standards. We practice the hanging of a stable, an arch and a pivot door! We make and install skirting, plinth blocks, dado rails and cornice on a model We do training on the relevant power tools to speed up the actual hanging of doors and we also introduce you to the new tools available on the market.
Foundation course
Childrens Classes instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : We have courses available once a month every Wednesday for Children from 4years old. We make it fun and interesting with lots of learning experieces. Children learn how to be creative and inventive, they learn basic skills, working in groups and can make lots of friends. Parents are welcome to join the fun.
Foundation Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncourseware : 1. Foundation Course Project Jewelry Box Cost R 2460-00 Introduction to Woodworking - six Modules of 4 hours each. We cover the cutlist; differentiate between man made boards, soft and hard wood. Student works with the following ,sufacers, thicknessers, table saw, sliding compound miter saws as well as compound miter saws, router and router tables, sanding machines, sanding, clamp, glue as well as stain and paint techniques. Safety equipment issued as well as course and Project materials
Intermediate course : Here the student supplies the timber for the project. Project can be different as long as the techniques remain the same as the curriculum. Techniques taught in this course - laminating timber together using F or glue joints, stopped running dovetails, mortise and tennon joints, box or finger joints, hand made drawer runners, Rail and style doors with raised panels, skirting and crown Mouldings, as well as stopped running dovetail. Project will be stained if necessary and sprayed using a water base varnish, Duration 12 classes of 4 hours each
Kitchen and B.I.C
Kitchen and BIC : We start from the beginning by differentiating the man made boards. The standards of the floor units, the wall units as well as the tall wall units. We work out the basic designs the cutting lists, working with the melamine, veneer and plya ™s .In this course we also make our own doors in solid timber using the rail and style cutters and the raised panel cutter. We work a lot with the router, making jigs and templates. We also do Training in the Fischer fixings so that your installation can and will be a success we do the layout and drawing of a kitchen with measurements supplied by the student. Costing and quotes worked out by the students are exercised with more...
Wood Turning
Woodturning 1 instructor led trainingstudy at homeworkshop / seminar : Student will be taught the name and uses of the different woodturning chisels and gouges as well as accessories. Sharpening and honing of chisels using different tools and methods. We use the long hole boring tool, we do both spindle turning as well as faceplate and chuck turning. Projects will be sanded and polished. Duration 6 classes of 4 hours each.
Woodturning 2 : we will be doing Spindle turning in this course, setup and sharpening as well as producing and designing of template 2 and 3 dimensional.
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