American Infrared Consultants, LLC

American Infrared Consultants, LLC
ThermalStar Training Center offers BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Certification courses for building and energy performance professionals. We also offer Thermography Certification courses.
We offer Online preparation courses to minimize classroom time and time away from work. Classes are interactive with personal mentors and local or regional proctored tests are available.
American Infrared Consultants, LLC is based in Phoenix, AZ, USA
ThermalStar Training Center is an approved BPI Test Center (Building Performance Institute). ThermalStar has offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona and does live training courses all over Arizona and elsewhere on demand.
We offer live BPI Certification courses and Online Preparation Course which minimizes time away from work sitting in a classroom. We have interactive online training with personal mentor instructors available for additional questions and feedback. We have practice tests after each chapter and 2 full final tests.
We offer the individual proctored tests locally or regionally after completion of the Online course.
Our Online training modules are available anytime you have internet access and are streamlined to work with any speed internet connection.
BPI Building Analyst Certification Course
BPI Building Analyst Certification Course : The ThermalStar courses will prepare students to conduct building performance inspections or perform retrofit improvements, with special emphasis on energy related performance. Students learn to identify problems and recommend solutions to homeowners on home energy efficiency, building durability, safety and occupant health. Students also learn usage, applications and receive hands on practice with; Blower Door, Infrared Camera, Combustion Analyzer, Gas more...
BPI Certification Preparation Course
BPI Building Analyst Envelope Professional Combo Preparation Course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directedbook : For students with related industry experience this course will let you prepare for both the basic Building Analyst Certification and the specialized Envelope Professional Certification. This course is Online with a textbook and course manual mailed to you and a personal Mentor instructor for each student. We schedule proctored BPI tests in your area once you have passed the preparation course.
BPI Building Analyst Preparation on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directed : BPI Certification Preparation Course Online Training Class. This is a "Hybrid" Training program. We use Online learning to minimize time spent sitting in a classroom. The course is self paced with manual, textbook and a personal mentor. Upon completion of the Online portion of the course we will help find a proctor in your area for the hands on equipment training (if needed) and the BPI Field test.
  • K asked: I work for a company in Houston, Tx who is willing to pay for me to get trained for both certs; Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist. They can't spare me during normal working hours so I would need to take these classes "after work" though I would take the web classes at the office. We work with both the programs Houston offers; COH-REEP and Sheltering Arms Weatherizatiion. I do most of the Quality Control and final inspections with both agencies so I know a lot of the field practices and some theory. Questions. () Is there a way we can tailor a class for me so I can take a class that will prepare me for both certs (Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist) after my days' work? () How much does it cost/ do I get physical material to interact with what I'm watching on the computer? (and I know the test is open book) () Can it be more than person? Thank you for your time and look forward to your resonse. about BPI Building Analyst Preparation
  • W asked: The price for training. How long is the course. about BPI Building Analyst Envelope Professional Combo Preparation Course
  • R asked: i would information on resnet training please about American Infrared Consultants, LLC
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