Drop in the Pond

Drop in the Pond
About Change Strategist Krysta Chapman
A successful entrepreneur, passionate researcher and certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Krysta loves working with individuals one on one, teaching tools for emotional management, greater achievement, behavioural excellence and evolution to well being.
By bringing awareness to the physiological experiences (neuro) that are very much a part of our patterns and strategies (programming), Krysta explores with language (linguistic), and enables her clients by guiding them to discover their own options and alternatives.
Her passion for helping others find their own personal power is evident in her popular workshops and speaking engagements, and participants thrive in the facilitated group therapy that is also available.
Drop in the Pond is based in Barrie, ON, Canada

Exploring our unconscious patterns offers an opportunity to understand and make changes and improvements in our lives.

The models and exercises are particularly useful in developing awareness and rapid change in one s ability to achieve goals, overcome difficult emotions and feelings, and better manage health and success.

The processes we may explore with will provide an opportunity for you to be more involved with your own life experiences. It's about creating options and choices - even when it seems that there aren't any.

To learn more, whether you are in Barrie, Alliston, Orillia, Newmarket, Aurora, Bolton, Toronto or beyond, call Drop in the Pond. Telephone sessions are available as well as individual sessions and group work. Beginner workshops and seminars as well as custom speaking engagements are all available nationally and internationally.

Chronic Pain
Exploring Chronic Pain An alternate look at how your brain participates in the pain process instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : This one hour session is intended for research, to explore our psychological coding of how we 'do' pain. It will be an experiential class that will involve individual participation to build case studies for future reference. Registration required. 1pm-2pm Even though treatments are often generalized or invasive (medication, surgery etc.), each individual's perception of pain is unique, and therefore, the approach to better management or adaptation must also be respectfully unique.
Self Esteem & Empowerment
DIScover YOU instructor led traininggroup study and discussionself directedworkshop / seminar : A one day workshop for anyone in a a ™ruta ™ who wants to live a fuller life, but cana ™t afford a year-long sabbatical to figure out how! ? Have you lost sight of who you are and what you really want? ? Do you appear happy on the outside but inside you are struggling? ? Are you afraid to show your true self for fear of rejection? ? Do you question your self worth?
Weight Loss
Think THIN Thursdays Getting your head working with you for weight loss success : We all know what is necessary for weight loss - eat less, move more....and yet obesity is increasing. New Years resolutions abound - focus on health and fitness is rampant in the media at this time of year. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to get all parts of you on board for success this time?
  • S asked: I suffer from Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Rhuematoid, Psoriatic rthritis plus spine issues. Would I benifit from your program? If so could you send me some information? Thank you for your time, about Drop in the Pond
  • P asked: Hi, I am interested in more info on your courses. Thanks, about DIScover YOU
  • B asked: Are there any seminars coming up in Barrie Ont. in December or January and what age groups do you service? about Drop in the Pond
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