Performance Systems Development

Performance Systems Development
Provides training and software for building energy, energy modeling, building science, and green careers. Our professional classroom and online training courses educate students on the latest techniques, trends, and standards in the home performance industry and prepare students to become part of the energy efficiency industry. Performance Systems Development is comprised of experienced energy professionals who apply their skills and knowledge to creating solutions that address energy efficiency in buildings.
Performance Systems Development is based in Ithaca, NY, USA
Performance Systems Academy (PSA) seeks to provide high-quality cutting-edge training that supports a wide variety of green collar jobs, in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote energy efficiency practices.
Courses include BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope, RESNET Rater, Lead Safety, Multifamily Building Modeling for Weatherization, TREAT Software, eQUEST, Green Collar Jobs, Green Opportunities for Municipalities, and more. Our trainers are top-notch industry experts in building science, software, and engineering. Classes are available online, in Ithaca, NY, and around the country.
A curriculum is also available for licensing. The Building Performance Systems Advantage curriculum is designed to support the standards of a wide variety of organizations involved in the building performance industry. It teaches building science theory and efficiency practice to students in the green workforce.
BPI Training
BPI Building Analyst Training : The key to energy-efficient building performance is in understanding the integrated systems in a building that are responsible for the transfer and use of energy, for moisture transport, and air movement. This training is intended for anyone who would like to conduct diagnostic energy audits on existing housing stock, including measurement and verification services related to building analysis. This course is a carefully crafted balance of classroom presentations, field exercises, and self-study materials. Theory and practice are integrated with an emphasis on practical problem-solving a culminating in Building Analyst (more...
BPI Building Envelope Professional Shell Specialist Training : This course will give you a deeper understanding of the building envelope and its interaction with other building systems. This course offers hands-on measurement, and verification of building performance is included, as well as standards and project specifications - with the goal of optimizing the building envelope for energy efficiency. BPI's Building Analyst 1 certification is a prerequisite for this course.
Building Science
Online Building Science Series March - August 2010 : If you are interested in learning about the fundamentals of building science and the energy efficiency industry, or becoming a certified Energy Auditor, this series of online courses is for you. Every other week starting in March 2010, our online series will support you in becoming a building performance professional from the comfort of your home or office. Each interactive course is presented in real-time by our building science experts, with opportunities for questions and discussion. Each module is recorded and archived for studentsa ™ future reference.
RESNET Training
RESNET HERS Energy Rater Training : This training will familiarize you with the process and science of conducting energy ratings on new homes in accordance with the national ENERGY STAR labeled homes program, and prepare you to successfully pass the Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) certification test. We will examine a the house as a system,a including energy and moisture transfer, the thermal envelope, air leakage problems and solutions, ventilation and indoor air quality, windows, as well as basic energy load calculations, and diagnostic testing using a blower door and a duct more...
Software Training
Multifamily Building Modeling for Weatherization : Get on the fast track for multifamily weatherization work with an introduction to energy modeling for multifamily buildings. This 2-hour interactive webinar will include the basics of multifamily energy modeling using DOE weatherization approved audit tools. It will include a systematic approach to improvement-driven modeling in multifamily buildings - with plenty of opportunity to get all your questions answered by some of the leading experts in the industry. Performance Systems has extensive experience in multifamily housing, including the improvement of more...
TREAT 101 Basic Intro to TREAT Software Training : This one-day course is designed to introduce new users to the functionality of the TREAT building modeling software. The instructor will review core concepts of the software and students will create their own models based on Site Inspection Forms. Upon completion, students will have the ability to use TREAT for one to four family energy audits. This includes modeling, health and safety tracking, basic utility bill true-up, the creation of improvements, packaging improvements and creating reports. Students must bring a laptop that has TREAT software already installed and registered. 75% cost reimbursement available to NY state service providers.
TREAT 201 Advanced Single-Family TREAT Software Training : This advanced course is designed for experienced energy analysts only, or students who have taken TREAT 101. It is an in-depth study of the deeper, more advanced features of TREAT (including billing analysis). Students will need to have completed at least five single-family TREAT models before taking this class, and are invited to bring actual TREAT models to the class for discussion. Upon completion, users will understand the full capabilities of TREAT and how to effectively incorporate them into a working business model. Students must bring a laptop that has TREAT software already installed and registered. 75% cost reimbursement available to NY state service providers.
TREAT 202 Advanced Multifamily TREAT Software Training : This is a two-day advanced training event for multifamily TREAT software users with some pre-existing experience, or who have taken TREAT 101. Students must bring a laptop that has TREAT software already installed and registered. 75% cost reimbursement available to NY state service providers.
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