Bronze Dragon International Training

Bronze Dragon International Training
We offer short courses and practitioner training in Reiki healing, crystal healing, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, soul healing and shamanic dreaming.
We also offer online courses in crystal healing, practical shamanism, shamanic dreaming and tarot.
Our clients are mainly individuals attending our public course programmes. We are also happy to provide bespoke trainings for groups and organisations.
Bronze Dragon International Training is based in York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
We are passionate about teaching practical shamanic energy skills to individuals, businesses and organisations who want to make a positive difference in our world.
Principal trainer, Susanna Bellini, has spent 20 years evolving unique methods of teaching energy skills to help people to learn and develop safely, quickly and effectively.
The practical skills we teach are straightforward and transparent, requiring no special equipment, ritual or belief system to work. Our training is based on the fundamental ways in which energy moves and flows in the universe and our methods can be applied easily and seamlessly in any ethos or environment.
We provide workshops, online courses and practitioner training in shamanism, soul retrieval and soul release, shamanic healing, dream work, crystal healing, reiki and related energy trainings. All course information, dates and booking details are on our website, www. bronze-dragon. com, where you can also subscribe to our newsletter and Susanna s Blog for latest news and updates.
If you have any specific questions, you can reach us via email, contact us or phone: 44-1904-636216
Please note: Bronze Dragon NLP, hypnosis and coaching courses have now moved to our partner company, Resourceful Change at www. resourcefulchange. co. uk.
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing Colour Harmony weekend : This weekend is an opportunity to explore, experience and learn more about crystal healing, colour therapy and feng shui, in the company of a wide range of crystals, minerals and healing stones and under the guidance of experienced Crystal Healer and teacher, Susanna Bellini. This weekend provides a thorough grounding in the many ways of interacting with crystals, minerals and gemstones for the benefit of yourself, others and the environment. Youa ™ll explore the effects of colour and crystal formations and different minerals, and how to use them for self-healing and harmonising work more...
Crystal Healing 8 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based) : Learn how to work with crystals for healing, insight and personal evolution. Learn the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. Use crystals to realign and harmonise energy fields and learn how to find and unlock the hidden knowledge in crystals. Course Content: * Choosing, cleansing, energising, dedicating and programming crystals * Colour in crystal healing a vibrational frequencies and correspondences * Realigning, balancing and harmonising energy centres * Harmonising living and working environments * Healing properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones a personal healing * Crystal healing more...
Crystal Healing certificate course : This 7-day intensive training in crystal healing* provides the necessary skills and abilities to give crystal healing treatments. This will allow you to practice as a certified Crystal & Gem Therapy practitioner once follow-up assignments and case studies are successfully completed. Further training is available leading to a Diploma in Crystal Healing. * Our 2-day Crystal Awareness weekend, Crystal Healing & more...
Mind Skills
Mindskills Training : Powerful mental resources are available to you when you gain control of your own mind. Discover how to access deep levels of awareness, make use of more of your mind and connect to your personal wellspring of knowledge and inspiration in this 3 day intensive with Susanna Bellini and Phil Callaghan in York.
Pendulum dowsing - 4 week online course : Pendulum dowsing is both an art and a science: accurate, reliable and specific in some aspects and in other ways, dependent on the creativity and intuition of the practitioner. This course develops practical dowsing skills and confidence in using a pendulum. This course may be taken with or without interactive tutor support.
Reiki I healing day instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminarexperiential : The first level opens your healing channels and enables you to use Reiki for self-healing, as well as for helping friends, family, pets and even your plants! This is a fun, relaxing, experiential day, with a small group of like-minded people. Youa ™ll learn about the history of Reiki and the similarities and differences between Reiki, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch and other energy healing systems. The course includes practical experience of giving and receiving Reiki; depending on numbers this is sometimes done one-to-one and sometimes in groups. Course info: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ reiki. shtml Online booking form: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ booking_options. shtml
Reiki II healing practitioner instructor led traininggroup study and discussionself directedworkshop / seminar : Reiki II Usui method: 1 day course + case studies Reiki II is for those who wish to become Reiki healing practitioners, as well as for those who simply wish to develop their healing abilities further. The Reiki II attunement intensifies the energies introduced at Reiki I and youa ™ll notice this as soon as you start practicing. You will also learn three symbols for use in healing treatments and healing at a distance. Course info: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ reiki. shtml Online booking form: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ booking_options. shtml
Shamanic training
Practical Shamanism - 8 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directed : Open up your senses and develop Shamanic states of awareness. Learn how to interact with energies safely and competently. Communicate with different intelligences and in different realms. Access spiritual guidance. And more... Bronze Dragon offers the most advanced interactive shamanic, dreaming, energy and crystal healing courses available online: Our trainers are leaders and innovators in their field and our online courses offer personal contact with these teachers.
Shamanic Crystal Divination 4 week online course : This training focuses on divination through combining the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques. This course does not cover other tools and methods of divination, fortune telling or prediction. Susanna teaches specific methods of holding different states of consciousness open simultaneously and moving between them with ease to provide an accurate, consistent and grounded flow of information. Predicting, forecasting and divinatory practices Readings with rocks, stones and crystals Scrying with crystals and crystalline substances Altered state divinatory trance Shaman stones and their properties Developing accuracy and confidence
Shamanic Dreaming 8 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directed : Enhance your health, creativity and thinking skills through the world of dreams using shamanic dreaming methods. Take this course and you will learn how to have lucid dreams, travel astrally, enhance your learning and more. Course information: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ online. shtml Course website homepage & booking link: http://www. bronze-dragon. com/ elearning/ index. php
Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner training : Overview This course is all about the shamanic skills necessary for being happy, healthy, balanced, living in harmony with plants, animals, minerals, humans on this earth. The shaman is a person of knowledge, a bridge between the seen and unseen, this world and other worlds, between past, present and future. A shaman can be a healer, an advisor and an intermediary, working on behalf of individuals, the community and the wider world. The shaman stands alone in a unique role and yet can link and harmonise with any and everything. This training therefore, focuses on much more than healing, and teaches the underlying skills and abilities and how they are applied in the more...
Shamanic Energy weekend : Shamanic Energy Skills weekend This is a fast-track to the essential skills and methods needed for any further shamanic or energy-related training, including our practitioner training programmes. This 2 day shamanic energy skills training is suitable for beginners who want a good grounding in practical energy management skills, to springboard to further energy training and practices. This training also suits those who may have done some healing, energy or shamanic training, but are missing some practical energy skills and abilities. Training is practical and experiential. If you are unable to travel to more...
Tarot Magic 8 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directed : Learn how to use the Tarot for divination, journeying, manifestation and changework in this eight week course with Phil Callaghan. Course Content: Week 1. Introduction to the Tarot Week 2. Magick: Creating Sacred Space. Week 3. Magick: Journeying With the Tarot Week 4. Magick: Working with The Tree of Life Week 5. Magick: The Elements Week 6. Tarot: Divination Magick Week 7. Tarot: The Minor Arcana and The Ten Spheres. Week 8. Further Techniques in Tarot Magick
Time Doorways - 4 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directed : This advanced course is specifically about observing and gaining information from other times and places. This course does not teach astral travel or any kind of light body transfer of energy, or shift to the other time and place. This unique secret method maintains the integrity and equilibrium of the other time and place, so that the observera ™s consciousness, energy and action does not in any way affect the other frame. The system is taught this way to maintain integrity of the time flow. A major benefit for the Observer, however, is that they do not attract any unwanted attention from other consciousnesses, which can happen with more...
Special event workshops
Dreamwork : During this experiential day, participants will be able to explore the insights, learning and possibilities within their own dreams using the main models of dreamwork. This workshop is suitable for any individual who has dreams, remembers them and is interested in understanding and working with their own creative inner resources.
Tarot Divination : Learn how to use the Tarot for divination in this 1 day workshop with Phil Callaghan in York, UK. Divination is an ancient practice - a way of seeing the patterns of 'what may be'. Our distant ancestors may have used shells, bones or some other tokens to form the patterns they would read. While the Tarot are not as ancient as those other forms, divination with the Tarot is unique because of the nature of the cards themselves.
Tarot Journeys : Deepen your knowledge and experience of the Tarot through Journeying in this 1 day workshop with Phil Callaghan in York, UK. Journeying is an ability to travel within the realms of energy and mind, accessing information for deep insight, personal development and spiritual growth. The energies of the Tarot can be used to guide and focus these Journeys - to keep you safe while bringing you to the experiences you need. Journeying may be undertaken for your own personal insight or can be done on more...
Tarot Magick weekend in York : Learn how to use the Tarot for divination, journeying, manifestation and change work in this two day workshop with Phil Callaghan in York, UK. While Tarot cards are most popularly used for fortune telling ('divination') this represents only the smallest fraction of the knowledge embedded in these tools. The images of the Tarot are a set of 'keys' or pathways involving specific energies. These energies correspond to gateways which can be drawn upon for a variety of useful purposes.
Trance Energetics : Combine natural modes of healing with special states of awareness in this 2 day workshop with Phil Callaghan in York, UK. The power to heal exists within each of us, yet many people do not know how to draw upon these hidden resources. The healing energy is released in a specific state of awareness that you can learn to access for yourself. In this 2-day Trance Energetics seminar, you will learn to guide your clients through the gateway of trance awareness and activate your natural ability to heal.
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