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Everrise Training & Consultancy
Everrise Training & Consultancy delivers strategic value-added solutions to improve your organization s effectiveness and efficiency that will enhance and sustain its profitability. We provide training, consulting and coaching services designed to meet your organization s unique business requirements.
Our trainers & consultants are highly committed people providing quality solution and excellency in service. We strongly believe by emphasizing continuous improvement through training & education, will create a high standard in personal characteristic. Customer satisfaction is always number one priority in our motto. Our training and consultancy services are solidly designed and specially customized in order to meet all individual company requirements
Everrise Training & Consultancy is based in Ipoh, Perak,
Everrise Training & Consultancy can help in all areas of your organisation - we have extensive experience in all aspects of business development, Human resources - executive coaching - psychometrics - leadership development - team coaching and development - assessment centres - company restructuring implementing change - project management, lean design and manufacturing - organisational design and development
Everrise Training & Consultancy also specialises in providing OSH services to a wide range of industries. We can help your organisation reduce the financial and personal cost of workplace injuries through our unique expertise in your sector. We have specialist consultants who can assist you with all aspects of OSHA, they specialise in a wide spectrum of sectors such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, health and community. We can guide you through auditing, risk assessments, training, policies and procedures and much more.
EMERGENCY 1st AID AND CPR TECHNIQUES instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : The Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 place a general duty on employers to ensure that adequate first aid provision is made for their employees if they are injured or become ill at work. This means that the employer must provide, as a minimum, an appointed person at all times when people at work. In low risk situations, an employer will need first aider during normal working hours for every 20 employees. The First Aid and CPR Training Course specially designed to train the average workers more...
EMPOWERING YOUR SAFETY HEALTH COMMITTEE : Under Section 30 of the OSHA 1994, any employer with more than 40 employees is required to establish a Safety and Health Committee at the workplace where both employer and employees undertake the responsibility in implementing safety and health program at their workplaces. The main objective of this training is to give a systematic and procedural view and approach to the Safety Committee members on their roles and responsibilities which are generally based on the more...
Personal growth and self help
STRESS MANAGEMENT : INTRODUCTION The word a stressa ™ is not an uncommon term in our vocabulary almost on a daily basis. We use it like it is part of our system and we have come to believe that, that is the way it is going to be for a long time to come. It is these kinds of acknowledgements that perpetuates the stresses in our lives. We have acknowledged the fact that being stressed is how we are meant to lead our lives, when in fact, being free from all forms of stresses is how we are meant to be. The moment the latter is acknowledged in our minds, then, we may begin to embark on a totally different journey. One of the biggest causes of stress is our False Belief more...
English Language CommunicationEnglish Language Communication
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION INTERPERSONAL SKILLS instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : This program is designed for organizations and people who need to upgrade their effectiveness in communication and interpersonal skills in order to cope with the challenges at workplace. The course aims to increase each participanta ™s oral and written skills for professional tasks which are relevant to public and social administration.
English Language Communication Course For Company Staff group study and discussioncoursewareself directedworkshop / seminar : This course will enable you to effectively speak and write professional and clear business correspondence in english. Speak confidently and effectively, master good communication skills. This will enable you to perform better at work, to use english effectively at the workplace as well as socially and to do your job with more confidence. You will learn how to write clear emails and letters, as well as building your grammar and vocabulary. You will also become more fluent and more confident in speaking english, as well as being able to understand more easily. Participants will learn in theory and practical including phonetics, pronunciation, writing emails and letters. more...
managementManagement Development
Electrostatic Discharge ESD Awareness And Control instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the transfer of an electrostatic charge between two objects. This is a very rapid event that happens when two objects of different potentials come into direct contact with each other. One of the main causes of device failures in the electronics and semiconductor industry is ESD. It is possible for electronic devices to be damaged by ESD that is imperceptible to the human body. This program is intended to shed some light on the sources of ESD and provides guidelines on the prevention and control of ESD.
GLOBAL MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS : The Global Management Program offers the opportunity to appreciate the challenges posed by globalization and is designed to provide the framework, the knowledge, skills, and attitude, and tactical tools to successfully manage, transform, and develop Global Human Capital and International Organizations. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: This dynamic program is aimed at achieving the following main objectives: a Understand globalization and international competitiveness through effective international management. a more...
MANAGING DISCIPLINE AND DOMESTIC INQUIRY PROCEDURES instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : This program provides an overview of managing the various types of common misconduct that occurs among employees at the workplace. The current status of the law with regards misconduct, supervisora ™s roles and responsibilities and other areas of the law that can affect the management of misconduct at the workplace. Today an increasing number of employers are being taken to courts by employees for failure to comply with basic requirements when carrying our terminations and dismissals. The program endeavors to provide solutions to managing this situations for mutual benefit. Program Objectives Upon completing this more...
PRODUCTION PLANNING SCHEDULING CONTROL workshop / seminar : Organisations use Production planning and control as a tool to drive behaviors and improve performance in the supply chain management. In the present work environment everyone in the workforce should plan and evaluate their performances and initiate efforts to correct variations to support smooth operations. However, they are faced with following questions:- How is our organisation performing? How am I performing? How do I know? What are the measures?
THINKING OUT OF THE BOX : INTRODUCTION Innovation, adaptability and flexibility of response are critical ingredients for organizational survival; they are equally relevant for individuals. For both organizations and people, continuous learning is a precondition for prosperity, not only to keep up with rapid changes but also, to set new standards in performance and growth. This program begins on the premise that everyone is born creative, but years of concepts, beliefs and ideas from the outside has suppressed the creative juices from flowing freely. Hence it becomes a process of discovery, rather than a process of creation. OBJECTIVES To provide for a clear understanding the urgency and the importance of an more...
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