Alison Munro EFT and Hypnosis

Alison Munro EFT and Hypnosis
I am a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Trainer with affiliation to the AAMET (UK). I became a trainer in EFT in 2006, and currently run private trainings in EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3 throughout the UK.
I also provide EFT trainings for other NLP and Hypnosis training institutions throughout the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.
Alison Munro EFT and Hypnosis is based in Bellville, Kent, United Kingdom
BSc(Hons) Pysch; EFT-ADV; AAMET; PDC. Hyp; MBSCH
Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer
I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist having obtained my Certificate, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.
Having completed a degree in Psychology in 1996, I came to study hypnosis in 1999 through a personal interest in this fascinating therapy. I always knew I wanted to do counselling of some form, but of all the valuable therapies available in which to train, nothing really ignited my passions until I discovered Hypnotherapy.
As with most professions, I continually learn and train to develop greater knowledge in specific techniques and conditions, and began training in one of the newest 'energy psychology' therapies to come out of the last century, EFT - emotional freedom technique, in January '03. Since then, I have gone on to become one of the first students in the UK to be trained to Level III status.
In June 2006 I became a trainer in EFT, and currently run trainings in EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3. I also provide EFT trainings for other NLP and Hypnosis training institutions throughout the UK.
AAMET EFT Level 1 instructor led traininggroup study and discussionbook : This is a 1-day training at beginners level and requires no previous experience to attend. Most people will need to complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2. Who should attend? People interested in self help and working with friends or family. Existing Therapists from either mind or body backgrounds wishing to include EFT in their practices. People who would like to go on to become EFT Practitioners.
AAMET EFT Level 2 instructor led traininggroup study and discussion : The usual requirement for this 2-day training is that you have completed a Level 1 training, although this may be waivered dependent on relevant knowlege and experience of EFT. Please contact Alison should this apply to you. This course is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies (AAMET). Who should attend? - Those who have completed level 1 and wish to take EFT to the more...
AAMET Level 3 : This level is for those dedicated to using EFT as a primary tool in therapeutic practice. It is my aim to develop a community of EFT professionals that are passionate about EFT and ita ™s healing abilities as well as finding the humour inside our own emotional a comediesa ™ as well as our clients. LEVEL 3 develops 2 concepts introduced at L2: POP and Choices and looks more into PR and deeper secondary gains that may be preventing relief - an integral part of mastery EFT. Self work to develop intuition is advocated at this level and is part of the L3 programme.
Combined EFT Levels 1 and 2 instructor led traininggroup study and discussioncoursewareworkshop / seminar : This is a unique EFT training event combining EFT Level 1 & 2 over two days teaching you the basics of EFT through to developing artistry and the delivery of EFT. Whilst the two days are longer and more intense than seperate trainings this course saves money and time and provides you with a practitioner certification after the successful completion of a written exam and two case studies. For more details on this training oppurtunity please visit my website.
EFT Practitioner training instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : The 2 day event is for those interested in learning the foundations of EFT for themselves and friends and family. It will provide the tools to move beyond the basics and get good results with tapping. The third day is for those wishing to take EFT to Practitioner status and obtain a certified qualification in EFT, allowing you to gain insurance to practise EFT professionally. You will also be eligible for registration with the AAMET, a global body for EFT Practitioners a The more...
Goal Setting via Hypnosis : a Do you have goals to achieve but dona ™t know how to achieve it? a Do you find many obstacles blocking your way to success? a Do you always find yourself giving excuses for not doing certain things? Then this workshop is meant for you. Come and learn how to set proper goals, carry through with them and finally to achieve the goals in your life. Remember, you are the master of your destiny and only you have what it takes to get yourself to the top.
Self Hypnosis Workshop : a Are you tired of being so stressed out? a Do you find that you lack the drive to achieve your goals? a Do you desire to have a healthier lifestyle? Most often, our problems are caused by our over analytical mind. But think about it, deep down inside, you might already have the solution yourself. The question is, how do you get it to make it work for you? Hypnosis is a tool that can help you to access your subconscious mind and allows you to reach your goals or to improve yourself. It is a verysafe and natural technique. The good news is, you can learn self hypnosis and apply it for yourself in the comfort of your own home! You will learn : - more...
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