Foster Parents Legal Solutions

Foster Parents Legal Solutions
I have been trained by acting as an advocate on behalf of foster parents across the nation for twelve years, and functioning as a foster parent myself for fifteen years.
I also have one of the largest chat groups on line for foster parents who are under Administrative Law, and need assistance. A National toll free number has been functioning for twelve years, enabling them to have one on one counseling, a personal touch.
We have CD power point trainings available on this subject, currently being used, to train attorneys who specialize in "Family Law", When any of the attorneys have expressed an interest in learning more about "Administrative Law".
I am currently working on a book, commonly known as "Standing in the Shadow of Law", the fourth edition. It is a text book, if you will, to equip Foster Parents with an educational tool. It offers them an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow and become more knowledgeable within this confusing Foster Care System. With the information that is within this book they can comfortably defend themselves, Pro Se. They can represent themselves in a courtroom atmosphere, Administrative Law. However, we do encourage them to obtain an attorney, this book organizes their cases for their attorney. The attorney's who have seen it, have been impressed with both it's contents and the instructions within.
We teach a basic course in 1."Administrative Law. We believe knowledge is your best defense. Other subjects we offer are as follows;
2. "Documentation, How important is it"?
3. "Allegations, the storm no one tells you about
4. " So you want to be a Foster Parent"?
5." Foster Parents Presentation.
These presentation are in the form of Power Point and easy to understand. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have after viewing the presentations. You will find the educational tools located on our website; www. foster-parents-legal-solutions. com
Why we seek to educate foster parents across the nation, because we believe that you need to have your questions answered. Not with the
"Gloss Over Approach" that a lot of trainings use, but with truth. We believe in you, and are here to support you.
We also have an information website at www. nfpcar. org where we store data on behalf of biological, foster/ adoptive parents. Welcome to the information highway for foster/ adoptive and biological parents. Marilyn Harrison your servant and advocate
Foster Parents Legal Solutions is based in Yarnell, AZ, USA
We offer support and training for Foster Parents, Adoptive and Biological parents.
We have published your instruction book on the how to of preparation
and handling your own case, pro se. We offer and educational resource on subjects like; Administrative Law, Documentation, Allegations the storm that no one tells you is coming.
We offer you a way to protect yourselves and your family from all the above.
Allegations are now epidemic proportions, thousands of families are being destroyed by this hurricane, a storm is about to enter your life, a storm called CPS.
Is your child next to be taken out of your arms?
Think your immune, think again. It happens on a daily basis to thousands of parents across this nation. Become informed, sign up today for this outstanding instruction.
Administrative Law : This is a specialty "field of Law" that isn't really law at all. If you are a foster parent, teacher, fire fighter, or police officer you are under Contract Law? Protect yourself, an education is your best defense in facing an Administrative Inquiry/ Hearing. Finding yourself unprepared for an allegation, a real and present danger to all of the above careers. Allegations are like standing in the middle of a hurricane that no one told you was coming. What you don't know can hurt you, ignorance is no defense, and can result more...
Foster Parents Training 101102103 : 101 The first series we teach you the basics, things you should be aware of the protect you family. 102 We go a little deeper into the Foster Parenting category. Things you will not learn though the inadequate training you receive in your Foster Parents Associations training. discover The Foster Care System in general. We carry though an in depth investigation of this corrupt organization and your role in it. How much foster parents are reimbursed on average across the country. The truth about how the agencies more...
What is Pro Se e-book : Discover the basics in representing yourself in a court case, that is what this term means, Pro Se is Latin meaning just that. 1. What it means to go Pro Se. 2. How to get organized. 3. Legal Terminology you need to understand. 4. Where to find your state Statutes. 5. Where and how to locate forms. 6. Need help, where to find it. 7. What area of Law is my case? 8. Is there assistance out there? Sounds scary doesn't it? Let's explore? Come join us!
Foster ParentsFoster Parenting 101
Foster Parenting 101 on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directedcd rombook : Comprehensive Foster Parent Training Session 1; Foster Parenting 101 1. Definition of fostering 2..Why you choose to foster Session 2; The Children 1. What you may not expect. Session 3; Chapter 3. The Courts 1. "Wards of the court" 2. The objective of the courts. Session 4; The Agency 1. The more...
What is ASFACAPTA on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directed : Learn more about ASFA, what is it? How does it affect us as Foster Parents? Facts we will cover; Since 1974 the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act via the Mondale Act has it helped or hindered children? CAPTA stands for the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. Has it helped? Find out.
What is In Loco Parentis : Learn how this affects you as a parent.
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