Personality Developer

Personality Developer
Do you want to improve your personality?
Not finding time to attend a programme?
Now, you have a choice
A two month, online programme that includes
a. Personality Profiling (using International profiling tools, personal telephonic / chat interview)
b. Detailed analysis and discussion for identifying the objectives of the person
c. Coaching through email / telephone / online chat (audio/ video which ever is available with the participant) - interactions to discuss implementation of suggestions,
feedback and corrections.
The interaction will be one to one, with focus on helping the individual understand his own strengths, improvement areas
and implement the suggestions to succeed in whatever field he or she chooses.
http://www. personalitydeveloper. com/
Call 09538299416 for more details.
Personality Developer.
Personality Developer is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Personality Developer Seminar Schedule

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January, 2018
6th Jan Personality Development Public Speaking Skills Program Bangalore, Karnataka   [Register]
JOIN the One to One - Personality Profiling & Personal Coaching Program.
The Program is designed to :
1. Help you understand your unique strengths
2. Help you make an action plan to apply your strengths
3. Put your action plan to work, build good relationships and succeed in your career and life.
The Coach's role is like a sounding board - for you to share your thoughts and plans.
How does this coaching program work?
First, a detailed discussion of the inputs required to achieve the client's life goals,
Second, Internationally recognised Profiling tools are used to identify the client's strengths, improvement areas and training needs for a chosen career. The fundamental objective is to identify an area of work / profession that the client would love to do. (When you do what you love to do you don't have to work ).
Third, a detailed action plan that helps the client actually implement the changes in behavior, professional / work area improvements with guidance from the coach at each step.
What can you expect from the program?
1. Know Your Strengths.
2. Set Well Defined Goals.
3. Have a definite Action Plan for Success.
Program Duration: Two months (Weekly - personal, one to one interaction for the duration of the programme).
*** Credit Card Payment Option available.
personality developmentPersonal Effectiveness
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