Business Coach Philippines

Business Coach Philippines
We are a Philippine based corporation that offers business seminars and workshops.
BusinessCoach, Inc. is a provider of quality business training, which would enhance skills and contribute to career and organizational success. Its main purpose is to provide seminars, workshops and consultancy programs to help develop entrepreneurs and professionals. The seminars focus on knowledge based on actual experience.
Business Coach Philippines is based in Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
The company s vision is to be the leading provider of actual practice based business seminars that are relevant to small and medium scale businesses and useful for both aspiring entrepreneurs and those already engaged in business.
BusinessCoach Inc. will provide a broad array of seminar topics, preferably, to be discussed by experts in the field who had actual practice on the topic. There will be a greater emphasis on the business side the how you make the money aspects. The company will strive to offer the most competent and stimulating resource persons possible in a setting that is pleasing to its clients and using the latest technology.
Competency-Based Development of HR Policies Procedures : This seminar was designed to help the participant develop or improve HR policies and procedures in their company. Particular emphasis is place on competency based development.
Effective Collection Management and Strategies : The course contains very relevant and practical scenarios on collection of receivables and negotiation. It is designed to challenge the creativity and resourcefulness of collection specialists. It can be used to train new collectors and at the same time serve as a refresher course for the more experienced workers. This course is highly recommended for any company or individual involved in the collecting bad debts.
How to Make a Newsletter : The seminar will tackle how to make a newsletter with the focus on making company newsletters. This is a highly practical session that will help the participant make an excellent newsletter.
How to Start and Manage an International Recruitment Agency : Remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers play a big part in our countrya ™s economy. This is because the demand for Filipino laborers is still high and workers who want to go abroad are still in abundant in the Philippines. Thus, the business of an international recruitment agency is very attractive but at the same time highly regulated by government. Therefore, owners and employees should be aware of the business and legal intricacies of operating an international recruitment agency.
Internal Control and Auditing Seminar : Overview Different businesses, from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations, must have appropriate control measures in order to secure compliance with respective standards, and to have more effective business operations. Employees and those in-charge of governance must realize the importance of control and its impact in the daily conduct of businesses. This program may be used as benchmark or start-up guide in the design and implementation of their own internal control system. Objectives 1. To be able to apply effective methods of preventing or spotting theft and irregularities. 2. To teach management how to safeguard assets and to monitor true more...
Internet Marketing for Beginners : The seminar was designed to introduce those with a non-techie background to the various ways to use the internet in promoting your business. In simple, easy to understand terms you will learn the basics of Internet marketing.
Junkshop Business and Scrap Trading : A seminar on how to put up your own junkshop and scrap trading business. This is a practical discussion that is highly suitable for a starting entrepreneur with only a small capital. Not only does this business offer good chances of making profits but you also get to help the environment by recycling materials.
Protecting Intellectual Property : Those who utilize well the power of branding know that it is crucial for generating sales and revenues. Consumers relate and buy in to a brand. If these brands are licensed or franchised, they can lead to profitable income streams. Knowledge of this law will help businesses avoid lawsuits on intellectual property infringement which ordinarily run by the millions in liabilities and fines.
Telemarketing Techniques : The issue for Telemarketers is how to effectively use cold calling to develop brand relationships and sell products. Many marketers seem lost, and one of the reasons is that they have not learned the proper techniques to do so.
Business Start-up
Balloon Decor and Party Needs Business : Overview The balloon business coupled with other party needs is a perennial favorite because there will always be childrena ™s parties and other events that will need balloon decorating and party accessories to complete the ambiance. Needing only small capitalization it can eventually bring big profits. Objective a To teach the participants on how to operate a balloon and party needs business and also on how to print and design the balloons themselves Who Should Participate a Those who want to set up a Balloon and Party Needs Business
Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties in the Philippines : Real Estate offers the best opportunity to make big money but only if you know how. This seminar on how to buy and sell real estate is crucial to those who want to enter this lucrative industry. The expert resouce speaker will discuss the various ways you cam make money in your real estate investment.
Customer Service Training for Drugstores : Sustaining your drug store business has many challenges due to evolving customer behavior, influx of drug store chains, dirty tricks of your competitors, staff issues, dispensing MDa ™s and laws governing the Pharmaceutical industry. This seminar provides innovative methods to create customer-centered growth for your drug store.
Events Management Business Seminar in the Philippines : Overview Events management is one of the best business opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneur. Needing only a small capital, this creative and exciting venture has the potential for unlimited income. This excellent events management course is also highly recommended for those who are tasked by companies to organize their in-house events. Objectives a To learn events planning and organizing a To know how to get sponsors for your events a To enhance your skills and knowledge in event promotion a To know how to select, negotiate and coordinate with suppliers a To learn how to market your events Who more...
Gift Wrapping Gift Basket and Ribbon Making Workshop : Overview This is a three in one workshop on gift wrapping, making gift boxes and ribbons. Objective a That the participants may be able to do or make beautiful gift wrapping, gift boxes and ribbons. Who Should Participate a Those who want to learn how do/ make gift wrapping, gift boxes, and ribbons.
How to Be a Canteen Concessionaire : Overview Operating a Canteen can be a very lucrative business especially if you have a captive market. Learning the basics from a veteran in the field will greatly improve your chances of success in this venture! Objective To teach the participants the basics of starting and operating a Canteen Business. Who Should Participate Prospective Canteen Operators
How to Franchise a Business : Franchising has been the latest trend in the industry. If youa ™re an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business, franchising is an option for you. It requires lesser investment in infrastructure and working capital. You have lesser HR problems also. Hence, if you have a very good product or service, consider franchising your business!
How to Make Elegant Beaded Jewelry : Overview Beaded Jewelry is very popular nowadays. It is a very low-cost business that can also be a charming hobby! Objective a To teach the participant to produce elegant beaded jewelry. Who Should Participate a People who want to learn making beaded jewelry for fun or profit.
How to Plan and Start a Business : The seminar is very useful if you are planning to start a business for the first time. You will get to know if you are ready to open a business and you will be guided on what type of business to choose. Legal requirement will be discussed as well as the basic principles in running a business.
How to Put Up a Tutorial Center : Overview How to put up a tutorial center seminar focuses on the letters and numbers of starting the business. The letters tackle the essential concepts while the numbers discuss the list of start-up requirements and the financial considerations. During the seminar, the need of concept clarification will be addressed in order to guide the participants in following the list of start-up requirements vis- -vis the projections on investment and profitability of the business. Objectives At the end of the seminar, the participants are expected to: a Understand the different concepts in putting up a tutorial center; a more...
How to Start a Balloon and Party Needs Business Advanced : Overview The balloon business coupled with other party needs is a perennial favorite because there will always be childrena ™s parties and other events that will need balloon decorating and party accessories to complete the ambiance. Needing only small capitalization it can eventually bring big profits. Objective To teach the participants on how to operate a balloon and party needs business and also on how to print and design the balloons themselves Who Should Participate Those who want to set up or improve their Balloon and Party Needs Business
How to Start a Catering Business : Catering is a high potential business that is very popular. The seminar focuses on the business and operations aspect of catering. Key secrets of the trade that can only be revealed by experienced caterers are to be taught in this seminar. To be tackled are the essential equipment and tools needed to get started in catering. Menu planning, costing, preparation, service, control methods, and marketing your service are also to be discussed.
How to Start a Flower Shop Business : Overview You must have a business plan for a flower shop in order to have the best chance for success and you can only do this if you get accurate information from those who are experienced in the industry. This highly instructive seminar provides the key information needed for a start-up florist.
How to Start a Laundry Business in the Philippines : INTRODUCTION: The laundry shop business has a bright potential. Every year it is getting harder to get a "labandera". Besides this, more and more households now have both husband and wife going to work. Many working wives now turn over this chore to a laundry shop. College students too often would rather outsource their laundry whenever they could afford it. This seminar offers a practical guide to entering the laundry shop business. It focuses on the actual concerns of a potential investor in this venture.
How to Start a Pharmacy Business in the Philippines : The drugstore business is a sunrise industry with its tremendous potential still to be reached. Not only is our population growing fast but the number of elderly needing more medicine is growing even more. The increasing popularity too of generic medicine is another major boost to drugstores as the profit margin in generics is very huge when compared to branded drugs.
How to Start a Preschool or Daycare Center : Every community needs a quality preschool or daycare center. Entrepreneurs can fill in this large demand for quality early education. This seminar was designed to teach those who want to start their own prechool or daycare center.
How to Start a School and Office Supplies Store : This seminar on starting and operating an office and school supply store will provide a much needed guidance to this very promising business. Objective a To teach the basics of starting and operation an office and school supply store. Who Should Participate a Anyone interested in starting an office & school supplies store
How to Start a Spa Business Seminar : INTRODUCTION: The spa business is one of the fastest growing service of the booming wellness industry. With modern life now being so stressful, many people are opting to recharge by going to spas. Besides the domestic demand, foreigners too appreciate the skill and low prices of our therapists. This seminar will teach the participant the government requirements to put up a spa, operations, and other aspects of the business.
How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines : This is a highly practical seminar that will teach those who are planning to go in the water refilling business in the Philippines.
How to Start and Manage a Security Agency : Overview As of 2010, there were more or less two thousand security agencies, both with temporary and regular licenses to operate, existing all over the archipelago, and more than half of these security agencies are found in NCR alone. Given this, the industry has an estimated value of almost twenty billion pesos in gross revenues annually. Objective a To enable the participants to have knowledge on how to start and manage a security service business. Who Should Participate a Those who want to put up their own security service business.
How to Start and Operate a Carwash and Auto Detailing Business : OVERVIEW: This seminar on the carwash and auto detailing business is a necessary guide for those new to the business. OBJECTIVES: a To enable those interested in the business to have the knowledge to put up a carwash and auto detailing business a To learn how much capital is needed a To know the necessary facilities, tools, supplies and procedures to operate the business a To learn plenty of priceless trade secrets to help make your carwash profitable WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: a Those who plan to put up their own carwash and auto detailing venture a People more...
How to Start and Operate a Meatshop Business : Overview Like rice, meat is an essential commodity that must be purchased regardless of the economic situation. But selling meat is less regulated than rice retailing and potentially more profitable! Objective To teach the fundamentals of the meat retailing business. Who Should Participate Anyone interested in setting up a meat shop.
How to Start and Operate a Printing Press Business : Overview Starting and operating a printing press business is capital intensive. You would not want to waste your hard earned money by investing in this business without any knowledge. This one-day seminar will give you plenty of vital information. Objective The seminar aims to teach you how to start and operate a printing press business. It specifically aims to teach you your investment requirements, marketing strategy, and the day-to-day operations in the business. Who Should Participate Those who want to start a printing press business Those who are looking for other business opportunities
Micro Lending Business Seminar : INTRODUCTION: The Microlending business is the lending out of small amounts of cash for profit. Usually the loan has no collateral and so there is a stronger need to properly assess credit worthiness. This seminar, geared towards those planning to start up a microlending business, will tackle the various laws pertaining to the setting up and operations of this business, the capitalization required, manpower, documents to use, and prospects of the venture.
Opening a Restaurant : Opening a restaurant business is one of the most popular ventures because we can see so many restaurants that are making money. However, you must be prepared if you are to enter this business. This seminar will teach you many practical lessons on how to start and operate a restaurant.
Pawnshop Business Seminar : The pawnshop business is one of the most reliable ventures to start. You earn when you get paid and you earn when you do not get paid. Although simple in concept there are many trade secrets you must learn to be successful. Attending a seminar to hear a veteran pawnshop operator share her hard earned knowledge will surely improve your operations.
Soap Shampoo Lotion and Perfume Making Business : Overview Learn how to make soap, shampoo, lotion, perfume and more! This can be easily started with very minimal capitalization. The business may be started home-based, and is scalable. Objectives a To learn how to make soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. Who Should Participate a Those who want to start a new business
Starting a Coffee Shop Business : SEMINAR TITLE: Starting a Coffee Shop Business ORGANIZER: BusinessCoach Inc. VENUE: San Juan City, Metro Manila KEY TOPICS: I. Specialty coffee trade globally II. Essentials in coffee business success III. Business plan IV. Coffee business options and profile of investment V. Budget VI. Choosing your location VII. Knowing your market VIII. Store concept and branding IX. Return of investment X. Coffee varieties and roasting process XI. The more...
Starting a Corporate Giveaways and Souvenir Items Business : Overview With only minimal capital you can set up a corporate giveaways business. The market is huge and if you can manage to find unique products or are persistent in marketing so is the profit potential. Objective To show the participants how to set-up a corporate giveaways business and how to print on the items. Who Should Participate entrepreneurs anyone interested in going into the corporate giveaways business
Starting a Food Cart Business : Before you buy a food cart franchise find out first if it is better if you do it yourself. This food cart business seminar will give you professional guidance on what it takes to put up and operate this business. Start a food cart business yourself instead of buying a foodcart franchise and so save money and expand fast by franchising your foodcart yourself!
Starting a Money Changer Business Seminar : This seminar-workshop is for those who want to put up their own money changing business or for people who will be working in a money changing establishment. The focus will be on the practical aspects of running the business from the registration and other legal requirements to the day to day basic operations of a money changing business. Much of the workshop will dwell on knowing how to detect counterfeit currency of different countries.
Starting a Property Rental Business : Overview Renting out properties is a very simple business that provides a stable source of income. Ita ™s the venture of choice if you want to have a lot of free time to yourself. Objectives a To teach owners how to run a successful property rental business. a To enable participants to know the pitfalls in real property business Who Should Participate a Those who want to enter the property rental business a Those who already own rental properties but want to improve their operations
Starting a Silk Screen Printing Business : Overview Part time or full time, silk screen printing gives the ambitious entrepreneur a great opportunity. Its capital requirements can fit anyone from those with very little capital to those with millions to invest in big machines. There is a very big market since silk screen printing is very versatile, you can print on almost anything besides t-shirts. Objective a Primary focus will be to enable the participant to properly set-up and operate a silkscreen printing business Who Should Participate a entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture a anybody who want so start a silk screen printing business
Starting a Travel Agency Business Seminar : INTRODUCTION: This seminar aims to instruct the participant on how to go about the process of starting a travel and tour agency. The travel agency business is one of the promising ventures to start in this country. With the expected boom in worldwide travel, the Philippines is expected to gain substantially as the local population participates in this international trend. This business too offers many perks to those fond of travel.
Wedding Planner Business : Being a Wedding Planner opens a lot of opportunities not only to earn a lot of money but also to develop your personality. A Wedding Coordinator spends much of her time assisting clients, often in the most expensive hotels and so social skills are refined. The seminar to be conducted by an experienced Wedding Planner will teach the trade secrets you need to know.
How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market Seminar : INTRODUCTION: This seminar is an introduction to the basics of stock market trading in the Philippines. The stock market is where ownership shares in a company is bought and sold. This is vital to our economy as the capital needed for business expansion is often sourced through the stock market. Having a share in the company means you participate in the growth or decline of the value of the firm. Many people are interested in how to make money in the stock market since the potential reward is limitless but since the risk is also greater, there is a need for the investor to understand how to be far-sighted in his transactions.
Real Estate Marketing : Overview Shelter is one of our basic needs and real estate is the biggest item you can sell. This combination of attributes is what drives many people to go into the business of real estate marketing. The rewards here are truly large if you have what it takes to succeed! Objective To teach the participant the basics of the real estate marketing business. Who Should Participate Those who want to go into the real estate marketing business Investors
Real Estate Property Appraisal : Overview Appraisals are accurate estimations of value of real estate as compared with similar properties that have been sold. The proper valuation of real property is vital to those in this business. This would enable them to establish the market price correctly and without bias. Objective a To teach participants the proper valuation of properties a To learn the practices, techniques and problems in real property appraisal Who Should Participate a Those who want to learn how to appraise real estate properties
Advanced Supervisory Skills Training : Overview Supervisors and managers are tasked to make sure that things are done correctly and at the right time. However, managing people has gradually evolved, and most experienced supervisors must learn to adapt to the change. Some a olda supervisory techniques may no longer work. In this seminar, you will be taught the best practices in management, and how to supervise a team in the most effective manner.
Archives Management : The seminar discusses how to acquire, document, store and maintain permanent records and items in an archive and the system of enabling access for use of authorized parties.
Basic Contracts For Non-Lawyers : The seminar gives a concise and simplified discussion for non-lawyers on the fundamental but critical aspects of a contract
Basic Leadership Training : Overview Developing leadership skills is essential in every organization. A manager who has good leadership will have a much more productive workforce and fewer labor problems. However, for most people, excellent leadership is not an inborn talent and the company would be wise to invest in training to build up this vital skill.
Basic Supervisory Skills Training : OBJECTIVE: By the end of the seminar, you should be able to: understand the logic, concepts, principles and techniques of effective supervision; study and analyze the application of planning, organizing, leading and controlling; use the knowledge/ skills learned to develop and refine plans in solving important organizational problems TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Managers, supervisors, and business owners. KEY TOPICS: MODULE 1: The Supervisor MODULE 2: Planning MODULE 3: Organizing MODULE 4: Leading MODULE 5: Controlling
Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants Workshop : INTRODUCTION: This is a seminar-workshop that will teach participants the basic principles of bookkeeping and accounting. Among the fundamental concepts to be explained are debit and credit, journal entries, ledgers, balance sheets, and income statements. OBJECTIVE: The participants will know the bookkeeping process and procedures and eventually the preparation of Balance Sheet, and Income and Expense Statement.
Building and Property Management Seminar : Proper knowledge of the key tasks is essential in building and property management. Learn how an expert and experienced building and property manager goes about his duties and responsibilities. From budget preparation, security and safety measures, housekeeping, and collection of dues and goverment regulations; are some of the key topics that will be discussed.
Competency-Based Salary Structure Design : Salary Structure is an unavoidable management activity as employees look forward to understand how their management views and implement the companya ™s compensation and benefits. Linking the Salary Structure to competencies and rewards makes the session even more sensitive to handle. Participants will learn about the elements of a competency-based salary administration program, salary surveys, compensation policies, and how to design an effective competency-based salary structure.
Computing Salaries, Wages, and Benefits : Course Description: This course aims to provide participants with a functional knowledge of computing compensation and administering both legally mandated (e. g. SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig) as well as company initiated benefits. The details of each of these benefits will be discussed in-depth. Lastly, actual sample policies on some of these benefits will be shared with the participants to enable them to get a concrete grasp of how to document the benefits they will provide.
Conducting Interviews Recruitment and Selection Process : Overview The best way to get good employees and to weed out the unsuitable ones is to have an excellent recruitment process. This seminar on how to interview and select personnel will provide the framework to have a systematic approach to this vital function. OBJECTIVES: a To know the role of Human Resource Management in the recruitment process a To know todaya ™s issues & trends in recruitment a To learn the procedures in recruitment a To be able to conduct an excellent interview a To be able to select the best candidate WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE a The more...
Credit and Collection Seminar : Overview Having an effective credit and collection policy is essential to a companya ™s profitability. Too lax a policy will bring too much bad debt. On the other hand, being too strict will result in lost sales from credit worthy companies. This seminar will give the participant a basic understanding on how to make and implement credit and collection policies that will maximize revenues while minimizing the risks of bad debt and also the proper procedures on how to collect bad debts. Objectives a To be able to draft effective credit and collection policies a To be able to determine those who are credit worthy a To know how much credit line to grant a To learn more...
Effective Office Administration : Overview Administrators are vital to the smooth running of any organization and play a key role in contributing to the performance of their teams and departments. Their effectiveness has a direct influence on the productivity and efficiency of others and often determines the quality of service provided to internal and external customers. This seminar has been designed to enable administrators to enhance their personal effectiveness and working practices, build stronger relationships, broaden their contribution to the team and achieve excellence in the service they provide to colleagues and customers. Objectives a Understand the more...
Electronic Records Management Computerizing Records Management : Overview It is evident everyday: information technology (IT) is changing the way people work and is transforming the global market place. Organizations are moving quickly to embrace and employ technology to ensure their competitive edge and improve efficiency, yet oftentimes without adequate regard for the records and information management needs and issues that accompany the technology. Information technology intervention in managing records (or in simple terms, automating your records management processes) is a challenging task. Why computerize? What are the benefits? These are very valid questions and they must be answered before one can begin the more...
Facilities Management Training : Overview Executive management in both private and public sector organizations is increasingly concerned with the strategic management of property assets. These facilities are not only valuable but also critical to delivering the core product or service of your organization on a sustainable basis. As a result, corporate facilities and asset management has become an area of strong growth over the last decade, leading to a shortage of qualified professionals. This comprehensive seminar will teach you the techniques and best practices used by leading facilities managers to run a safe, cost-effective, and employee-friendly environment. It addresses the challenges, difficulties, and more...
Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport : Overview The seminar is designed to broaden the participanta ™s knowledge on commercial and legal aspects of transport, where issues relating international contract of sale, such as letters of credit, banking practices, liabilities of a freight forwarder and insurance claims shall be dealt with. Objectives On the completion of this module the participant should be able to: a Define and explain the connection between trade and transport a Know implication of currency exchange a Have a basic understanding of incoterms a more...
How to Export Products : Overview This seminar will give the participant an excellent knowledge of the basics of exporting. It will cover not only the legal requirements but also the terms, procedures and tools you need to know. Objectives a To know the requirements and procedures in going into exporting a To know what products you can and cannot export a To learn about the use of INCOTERMS a To know the basic product costing for export Who Should Participate a Companies and entrepreneurs who want to go into exporting a more...
How to Import Procedures and Documentations Seminar : INTRODUCTION: Importation in the Philippines is an intricate process that requires a long period of time to master. It is deemed so important that the government now requires the services of a licensed customs broker to assist in the transaction. However, leaving it all up to the customs broker does not free you from damages or liabilities that may be incurred if there is a problem in the importation. This seminar will instruct the participant on the basic procedures and documentations to improve your control over the process.
How to Use the Small Claims Court : Learn how to file collection cases without getting a lawyer! This seminar offers fast and effective collection for amounts below P100, 000.
Human Resource Management : Human resouce management is a vital function in every company and this concise course spans its broad scope. Important concepts and their application will be discussed along with the relevant laws dealing with employment. Organizational development will also be tackled along with talent and career management of employees to maximize your manpower resource.
Kaizen Training for Continuous Improvement : It is the dream of every manager to have a way to establish a system that will push improvement continuously and not just for a short period. Kaizen which was developed in Japan is the most popular training to make this ideal set up a reality. The seminar will teach the basic of this amazing process to induce non-stop improvement.
Labor Law Compliance for Businesses : The seminar aims to educate management on the basic aspects of labor law to be in compliance so as to avoid penalties and labor unrest. It will focus on the most common labor law related problems: working standards, subcontracting rules, rules on unions, termination of employment, and the goverment agencies concerned.
Negotiation and Assertiveness Training : Overview Save millions in lost opportunities due to poor negotiation strategies and lack of assertiveness. Negotiating expertise and assertiveness are essential skills for both business and personal success. Almost everyone from purchasers and managers to sales persons and customer service representatives will encounter situations that need negotiation or assertiveness. Learn the principles that will enable yourself or your personnel to negotiate with confidence.
People Management : Having excellent people management skills will make a huge impact on your business or career success. The significance of having exceptional people handling skills transcends in your profession a it not only helps you manage people effectively, but also improve your companya ™s overall performance in the process.
Problem Solving and Decision Making : In any organization, the ability to make good decisions is always critical to success and growth. The need for a logical, systematic and objective approach to decision-making will help one weigh his/ her options. Also, this would eliminate endless investigations. Implementation of effective problem-solving and decision making or PSDM is necessary for one to be successful in his/ her chosen career/ job and life in general.
Production and Operations Management Fundamentals : Overview There is a growing and widespread competition in the manufacturing industry nowadays coupled by unending production problems not to mention the rising prices of supplies, unavailability of resources, increasing fuel and energy costs and strict government legislations. Some might opt to stay in business but choose the less costly maneuvers to the extent of sacrificing the quality of their products and services. In order to compete, these firms must be ready to steer their operations in order to sustain their businesses. This seminar will discuss some strategies and techniques that can be adopted to counteract the impact of the situations cited. This will more...
Project Management Fundamentals : This seminar will focus not only on the different Elements of a Project but also on the Phases of a Project Cycle which serves as a guide in commencing and ending the Project. During the progress of the project the Project Manager must analyze some variances or non-conformance from the set goals and causes of failure of the project. To attain this objective, this seminar will also train the project manager on how to use FMEA (more...
Records and Filing Management : Being able to locate and retrieve a needed document quickly is vital to the efficient functioning of any organization. You must also know how long you must store a document to avoid legal and other problems. This seminar will teach the participant how to organize, control and properly dispose of documents.
Stress Management : Learn the techniques to manage and react to stress. Reduce tension by applying effective ways to deal with pressures.
Total Quality Management TQM Best Practices : Intended Participants: Production Supervisors, Quality Control Supervisors, Production Team Leaders, Quality Control Staff, Production personnel Objectives: 1. To enable the participants to understand the importance of Quality Circles in their work. 2. To be able to guide the participants on how to use the different more...
Training for Store Frontliners : Store Frontliners possess a huge impact on the companya ™s success. Delivering a standout service is what matters most in todaya ™s service industry.
Fundamentals of Pricing : Overview The seminar is designed to discuss the fundamentals of pricing in general; examine the key elements integral to price, define a valuea ™ and its importance in setting prices, outline the different price-setting strategies, and other timely topics such as pricing tactics, price bundling, discounting, rebates and ethical issues. This program will also help participants understand why pricing is the most flexible marketing mix element and arguably the best tool for improving profits and revenue. Objectives On the completion of this workshop the participant should be able to: a Get acquainted with the fundamentals of pricing and its key more...
How to Handle Difficult Customers : OVERVIEW: The seminar focuses on the special techniques of managing customers who are problematic to handle. Ways, not only to satisfy their complaints, but also to convert them into loyal customers will be presented.
Personality Development
Competitive Selling Techniques : OBJECTIVES: a To understand the nature of sales and the sales process a To professionally represent your business or company to corporate and individual customers a To apply effective and powerful sales techniques to produce sales and create loyalty among customers.
Effective Communication Skills Training : Overview Lack of communication skills has caused more problems than any single skill. Objectives a To improve onea ™s ability to accurately and clearly transmit his/ her message to the intended audience in the most effective and acceptable manner possible. a To better understand messages from other persons. a To see actual applications of the principles of effective communication. Who Should Participate a Professionals and managers a Those in charge of the customer service a Those who want to improve their communication skills
Personality Development Seminar-Workshop : Many companies specify having a pleasing personality as an employment requirement because it is indeed a strong asset. Personality development is an essential part of a person's success. How you are perceived by your clients and fellow workers will play a large role in your productivity. This program aims to help an individual maximize available resources to reach a persons full potential through a well-rounded personality.
Business Taxation Made Easy : For those who want to understand about business taxation this seminar is ideal, the seminar is designed for the non-accountant to easily comprehend the basics of taxation. The participant will get to know the different types of taxes and how to go about the computation. Then how and when to file and pay the taxes will be discussed.
Estate Planning Seminar : Overview Estate planning is a tool or process of disposing or transferring estate or properties (real or personal) either during the lifetime of the transferor or by operation of law (death) with the least risk and by reducing cost and taxes. Objectives a To know the basic modes of transferring properties a To learn the essential characteristics of each mode a To learn the basic tax computation of each mode. a To be able to assess the most advantageous way of transferring properties. Who Should Participate a Property owners a Future property more...
Expanded Withholding Tax and Final Withholding Tax : n the operation of withholding tax system, the withholding agent is the payor, a separate entity acting no more than an agent of the government for the collection of the tax in order to ensure its payments. The withholding agent a payor is liable for his failure to perform his duty to withhold the tax and remit the same to the government. Under the present rule, failure to withhold taxes will cause the disallowance of expense notwithstanding the payment of the withholding taxes at the time of audit investigation. Consequently, knowledge of the tax laws, rules and regulations on the taxation of withholding tax is imperative so that the company may minimize the risk of more...
Financial Statement Analysis : Overview Many entrepreneurs, professionals and company managers are good in running their businesses. They invest a lot of time, money and effort in understanding marketing, sales, and operation, yet they lack understanding on the basics of financial analysis, which is crucial to the overall health of the company.
Income Tax Seminar With Latest Updates : Overview Now that Income Tax Returns are already filed by the Taxpayers (Individuals and Corporations), tax audit investigation is already around the corner. As we all know, the BIR has the authority to audit all internal revenue taxes and mostly, the findings on deficiency taxes are on income tax. The rule on Income Tax is very complicated and involves several technicalities and thus, requires extensive study and research.  more...
Managing BIR Tax Assessments : Overview Apparently, the BIR is very aggressive in achieving its collection goals ( P1. 066 Trillion and P 1. 2 Trillion for 2012 and 2013, respectively) and thus, several measures were resorted to achieve that respective goals. Consequently, taxpayers such as single proprietors or corporations are in constant threat for possible tax exposure. Possible tax exposure entails a huge amount of money and unfortunately, some of existing companies were forced to cease operations or dissolve their corporations because they can no longer settle their outstanding tax liabilities with the BIR. Accordingly, in order to minimize the risk of tax exposure, it is highly more...
Value Added Tax and Other Percentage Tax : OVERVIEW: The BIR, in order to increase and enhance voluntary compliance, issued a Value Added Tax (VAT) Audit Program which focuses on conducting a quality audit by the selected VAT audit team. Separate Letter of Authority for examination of VAT is being issued pursuant to the Audit Program. VAT rules are very complex and always subject to different interpretation which the taxpayers find it hard to comply. Thus, in order to minimize more...
Collection Management and Strategies : Collections is a challenging task either be it personal or business. Maintaining good relationship with borrowers or debtors while keeping the payment delinquency level at bay is crucial in the collections business.
Current Good Manufacturing Practices : Overview It is the policy of the Philippine government to regulate and control the manufacture, packing, repacking or holding of human foods to ensure their quality and safety. It is therefore necessary that all food establishments follow the regulations set by FDA, Phil. (Food and Drug Administration, Philippines). These are all embodied in the set of required Good Manufacturing more...
Customer Service Training : Improving your customer service is the most economical way of obtaining higher sales. This seminar workshop will train your personnel to strive for a higher level of customer satisfaction.
Effective Business Writing Writing Memos- Emails Agendas Meeting Minutes : In this workshop, the participants will learn to improve their writing skills such as preparation, organization, understanding the needs of the reader, avoiding common grammar and spelling mistakes, and basic editing.
Effective Presentation Skills : Overview Delivering an effective presentation gives a positive and professional impression from the audience. This seminar-workshop gives you valuable ideas and techniques on how to perfect your presentation design and delivery. This highly interactive program is guaranteed to give the participants a solid foundation in presenting. Objectives a To learn tips on how to manage nervousness whenever asked to do a presentation. a To provide basic knowledge of the techniques and skills used when presenting. a To provide an overview of the methods used to develop aids and support materials used to make an effective presentation. a To be able to deliver a powerful more...
Effective Purchasing Management Seminar : DESCRIPTION: A firm which utilizes materials and supplies must effectively manage the purchasing function. Purchasing management considers a lot of factors, such as inventory, inventory costs, availability of supply and quality of suppliers. In order to have an outstanding purchasing operations, an excellent vendor relations, systematic demand, forecasting, and ordering system must be present. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES: 1. To enable the participants to better understand the different methods and strategies in purchasing and adopt strict purchasing policies. 2. To enable the participants to appreciate the importance of good vendor relations in purchasing and adopt a quality supplier more...
Food Safety A Basic Training on HACCP : Overview In the food manufacturing industry as well as in the food service, it has been realized by business owners that in order to compete in business they have to offer the best quality products as well as safe food. This means that not only must they practice cGMP but also be HACCP compliant. This seminar will present the basic component of Food Safety and the basic principles of HACP program. Ultimately, the participants will understand the basic components of HACCP Plan. This more...
How to Close a Sale : Overview Stop wasting golden opportunities; do not let sales from qualified customers slip away. This seminar focuses on the final stage of the selling process which is closing. Closing the sale is the most crucial part of the selling process as you have already invested time and effort on the client. Knowing the right way to close will turn an ordinary sales person into a master closer. Objectives a To learn client buying behaviour a To learn how to close a deal a To learn how to out close competitors a To ultimately achieve sales goals/ targets Who Should Participate a Sales more...
How to Implement 5S in the Workplace : DESCRIPTION: Good housekeeping contributes to productivity improvement and the basis for good housekeeping is the concept popularly known as 5S. An organization with good housekeeping practices is able to control costs, foster greater safety, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce staff turnover. OBJECTIVES: a To inspire participants on the importance of 5S on onea ™s organization or company. a To enable the participants to learn about the 5S steps. a To motivate participants to adopt 5S practices. a To guide the participants on how to monitor the implementation of 5S.
Supply Chain Management Seminar : DESCRIPTION: This module offers a comprehensive overview of Supply Chain Management as a business philosophy and a corporate strategy to drive or turn-around the business. It includes a study of supply chain evolution, a thorough discussion of its scope, and its strategic role in business and economy today. It aims to aid the participant to understand the issues involved when applying strategies concerning supplies and other activities that correlates with it such as with purchasing, manufacturing, physical distribution and marketing management. TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Supplies procuring more...
Technical Writing for Businesses : The seminar highlights the basic guidelines you need to create reports, manuals and PowerPoint presentations.
Telephone Etiquette Training : The way your staff handles phone calls is critical to your company's success. How well your personnel entertains the call may help close a sale or offend a customer if not done well. This seminar-workshop on telephone communication skills will provide the proper training so that your staff will know what to say and how to say it positively to your valued callers.
Training Evaluation Measuring the Impact of Training : Overview The impact of training should be assessed to enable you to improve the quality or value of your efforts to effect a change. This should be done correctly so that resources may be allocated properly, in alignment to your companya ™s objectives. Objectives a To know the effect of training in your organization a To be able to respond properly to meet the demands for future training needs a To know how to measure the improvement in learned skills Who Should Participate Training managers and supervisors, human resource officers, administrative officers, or anyone involved in designing and providing skills training in the company.
Training for Executive Assistants : Overview Executive assistants are usually employed to perform various tasks in an organization. They are frequently the most trusted worker, and executives rely on them even on the most confidential matters in the office. They are also competent decision makers, with well-developed communication skills. Usually they are in charge of arranging the bossa ™ schedule, and attend not only to business, but sometimes even with the personal dealings of the boss. However, they are also given secretarial work, not limited to typing memos, photocopying of reports, and accompanying the boss to business meetings. Being an executive assistant is a prestigious job. They get higher pay, and enjoy more...
Training for Receptionists : Overview There is a barrage of visitors and job applicants at the reception. The lights on the switchboard are blinking. The fax machine is beeping. A gentleman from FedEx arrives with a delivery package. The receptionist or front desk staff has on his/ her hands the big responsibility of creating an initial positive experience that will leave a lasting impression about the organization he/ she represents. This one-day seminar will tackle effectiveness and efficiency scenarios and provide techniques for the participants to apply in their jobs. In addition to proper phone and message handling skills, learners will display courtesy, tact and diplomacy in more...
Training Needs Analysis : Good training needs analysis is essential if the organization is to align the skills currently available with those required to meet strategic objectives. If conducted properly, it will also help you to diagnose when training will solve certain problems and issues and when alternative interventions might be needed. This thoroughly practical one-day workshop will help prepare all those involved in a training needs analysis to play their part effectively.
Training the Trainers Seminar-Workshop : Introduction Proper training is the most cost effective way to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Make sure that the people in charge of training your personnel are themselves well trained. Although this program is designed primarily as a basic guide for new trainers, it is also useful for veterans in the profession as a refresher course and to update their skills.
Warehouse and Inventory Management Seminar : DESCRIPTION: Effective Warehouse Management is an attempt to maintain a systematic and well organized infrastructure and an orderly inventory system. It is also concerned with the adequate supply of goods in the warehouse, while minimizing inventory costs at the same time. OBJECTIVES: 1. To enable participants to recognize the importance of an organized and effective warehouse storage system. 2. To enable participants to know and appreciate the modern trends in warehousing. 3. To enable participants to learn the use of inventory management in warehouse management. 4. To enable seminar participants to adopt the more...
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