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Training in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Estimating for Home Remodelers, Renovators, Home Inspectors, Building Performance Contractors, Decorators and others who sell home improvements to the homeowner.
We offer video training online, live seminars throughout the U. S. as well as individual or group seminars or consulting. Many of our training sessions include CEU credits for the states of FL, WI, and MN, as well as for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and others.
Support tools include seminars, books, software, forms, networking group membership, standardized forms and processes for your unique business activities.
TechKnowledge Systems is based in Miami, FL, USA
TechKnowledge Systems has evolved into a service company on the basis of Mike Gorman along with various associates providing information, training, advice and support for contractors of all types but primarily those who sell to the homeowner. Though located in Florida, the company has accumulated thousands of clients from throughout the United States and Canada by providing live seminars for contractors, architects, designers, sales professionals, insurance adjusters, homeowners and building officials from the 1986 until present.
During the 1990 s the company added building scientists and building performance contractors to the list of clientele as the topic of energy conservation in homes became more mainstream driven by advances in testing and diagnostic technology.
Live seminars over the years led to private consulting with contractors and others ranging from contractors to Fortune 500 companies to various cities, states and governmental agencies on the federal level. The area of expertise of TechKnowledge Systems has expanded over the years beginning with price --how the contractor determines a fair price for services performed and/ or products installed in the home when Mike was drafted to present seminars on the topic for HomeTech, a publisher of Unit Cost estimating data for the entire United States. Later Mike was commissioned to write a book on the topic of how to propose the project to the homeowner by Walt Stoeppelwerth who was associated with the publishing company HomeTech in Bethesda, MD. Soon afterward, Mike was asked to consult with the Owens Corning Company in Toledo, Ohio about marketing--how to best position the contractor in front of the homeowner and also on the topics of price and propose.
TechKnowledge Systems has recently added information delivery around online training on The P Process. This includes the 4P s three of which were mentioned previously (position, price, propose) and another profit .
TechKnowledge Systems recognizes that contractors must master the 4P s to create cash flow. Following that, they must continue to add processes to manage the cash flow thus created. TechKnowledge Systems formulated two consecutive training tracks for contractors know as The P Process and provides this training in various formats including live seminars to contractor groups, online training to groups and individuals, private consulting, as well as through books and multimedia materials.
How to Determine a Fair Price : If you hate estimating and dona ™t get proposals out on time, if you dona ™t feel confident about your prices or your jobs arena ™t coming on budget, if you want a fast, accurate, simple and inexpensive estimating system you can use with or without a computer, you should attend this seminar. You will leave understanding that the world is full of talented poor people and that you may be just one skill away from wealth. Youa ™ll understand how to move closer to wealth. What will we explore? 1. The difference in overhead costs between; general contractors, trade contractors and homebuilders. 2. What you can do to assure that you won't need to be working as hard in five more...
Home Improvement Contractor Training
The P Process for Building a Sustainable Business instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)bookcomputer lab : Lately ita ™s become obvious that many contractors (and other businesses) are failing in the face of todaya ™s economy. You may have noticed that those who do succeed typically arena ™t the most gifted technicians or the fastest mechanics, but the best at grabbing the attention of prospects and turning them into clients. The processes we create for putting ourselves in view of prospects (positioning), determining a fair price (pricing) and convincing prospects to become customers (proposing) are not unique to your business or even your industry. These processes are the first experience the prospect has with your businesses. Prospects may ultimately choose more...
The Remodeling Game : Remodeling may be the only game in town and the rules have changed. You have to devote more energy to finding prospects and then struggle more than ever to get them to buy your product. Youa ™ll understand the new rules as we present them during the class. Whata ™s driving these rule changes? Smaller jobs, more competition, cheaper competition, customers less willing and able to spend, trends towards Green, building science, cheaper electronics, new products, Lead Paint (RRP) requirements, energy codes, health care reform, unstable home prices, lack of consumer financing, and more...
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