Carl Roodnick Associates

Carl Roodnick Associates ( C R A ) is your one-stop learning solutions and media content consultancy and service provider.
C R A provides Curriculum Consulting and implementation services, including: Instructional Learning Design, Training Course and Materials Development; Transfer of Learning Toolkits; and On-the-job Performance Support Tools.
Media Services provided by C R A include: Editing & Design, Sub-editing, Professional Document and Page Layouts; Research and Interviewing; and Proofreading.
Carl Roodnick Associates is based in Prospect Hall, Durban North, Kwazulu-Natal,
Carl Roodnick Associates ( C R A ) operates in at least three distinct fields of business, being JOURNALISM, CURRICULUM CONSULTING, and INSTRUCTIONAL LEARNING DESIGN.
Journalism is a generic writing skill and service, that allows me to research, interview, news report, edit, sub-edit, and proofread content for articles, editorials, and any number of business writing material, supported by my postgraduate Higher Diploma in Journalism and other tertiary inputs.
n addition, some twenty years of Training & Development experience at corporate and other levels, have provided me with a wealth of curriculum expertise and best practices, allowing me to offer consultation services to small-to-medium enterprises who need to outsource strategic training and development specialist guidance and learning solutions.
Besides Curriculum Consultation, C R A offers specialist implementation services which include: Learning Needs Analysis, Instructional Learning Design, Instructional Materials Development, and Evaluation of learning.
Being multi-skilled allows me to offer Content Research & Curation, Content Development & Customization, Information Mapping, and Quality Assurance services in addition.
Curriculum-based products include Learner Guides, Learner Workbooks, Facilitation Guides, Facilitation PowerPoint Presentation Slides, Coaching Guides, Performance Supporting Tools, Transfer of Learning Tool-kits, and Assessment Tools.
Facilitated LearningParalegal
Arrest to Trial Course instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar : This 2-day course will develop your competence as a South African Police Services Official, Peace Officer, Metro Police Officer or Security Officer. As such, it will improve the quality of evidence that you and your fellow officers give, while ensuring that you play a more integral part in the Court Trial Process together with the Prosecution Team.
Criminal Justice Programme instructor led trainingstudy at homegroup study and discussionself directedworkshop / seminar : This Programme covers the following broad topics: a How the South African Criminal Justice System functions at its various levels a National, Provincial, and Local Government. a Finding your way through the criminal justice process. a Identifying and describing both the rights and obligations of private citizens. a Discussing both democracy and the fundamental rights of people within a democracy. a Having an overall understanding of both South more...
Mini Quick-reference ADDIE Guide study at homeself directedcd rome-book : The ADDIE Model is a generic 5-phase instructional design process comprising: 1. Analyse a identify a genuine learning need 2. Design a outline an instructional strategy and specific solutions that address the learning need or performance gap 3. Develop a develop learner-friendly and business-aligned instructional content 4. Implement a hand over the learning components developed, to either the business sponsor, eLearning designers or/ and instructors 5. Evaluatea evaluate the learning process and/ or assess the transfer of learning. A Quick-reference more...
Head Office
Corner of Pembroke Road & Kruin CrescentPrivate Suite 2, 1 Pembroke GardensProspect Hall, Durban NorthKwazulu-Natal4016
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